The Fade Rangers

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The Fade Rangers are a disorganization made out of information; loosely dispersed/united synchronistically connected acausally divided along ley lines.  Our trip is the evolution dissolution illusion solution (the universal solvent) to improve the trip we are becoming a part of.  our methods include virtual reality breakdown, culture jamming, monkeywrenching, spiritual awakening, education of all sorts and laying complicated jokes and black iron prison trips on ourselves and our realities to climb out of and escape from when we are ready.

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the wholly scrolls of the fade rangers:

the fade cave is a place that we make
when we fake creation of the zone of
control for the soul to roll over
in a sense we find the fade cave
as well for it dwells in the sort
of hell we already inhabit like
a white rabbit that ran with bandits

the fade matrix is a network of
fade stations across the nation
with wet webbing streching
between the wretched dreams
and the screams of the repeated
secrets that creep between
the seams as we reap gleaming
scenes of peaceful breeze if
the shutters flutter and mutter
truths loose from proof shoes
clues to eschew foolish juice

the zone cobras hose you down
with hissing piss that fills
the grip with bliss if it fits
there is the danger of remaining
a stranger away in a manger
inflamed with blame and breating
shame all over Hir hole-y name
staying the same until the game
fades into the next phase relay

seeing faces all over the place
at the beach while the preacher
teaches reefer madness and
sadness beneath the grid that
serves as a lid for the nerves
and skids across the floss
that crop goblets lost in snot
clot from flocks of sheep that
creep as the zone robots block
the rotting clock from the cops

the though police we dread are
in our very heads the pin yin
black iron prison that wins the
meme-reaming game we play in
order to get paid by the strain
of relay racing pain and strange
grains laid against the fence
stench relentless offends the
senses with bloody menses a
fuddy-duddy finds rather funny

i was at the beach and I was
laughing at something that
wasn't funny but seemed so
to me in my ecstasy considering
i had to fling to bring ex
out of stasis and rearrange
my bliss circuits more
efficiently in recent years
to bring tears out of dreary
fears and weary mere mortals
the portal is behind the
shortcut you find in time
to the spine of thy mind
kind of the spirit to hear
the verses that uncurse the
furnished temple of worship
that hurts the worst furnace
ready heads for breakfast
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