Hey!!! So you've been trespassing huh? Well lucky you! I (Kathy) am making a MINI graphic website. It might become a big site in the future, but not now. If you are intertested in becoming staff, read the rules below. If you don't read the rules, I will know. I have this program that lets me know if you did or not. You'll have a bigger change if you do read the rules. :)


1. YOU MUST be at least 11 years old and half and over.
2. YOU MUST have Paint Shop Pro 7 or 8 or Adobe Photo Shop downloaded onto your computer. Don't start downloading it if you don't.
3.Where it says can you sing, type in "what do you think" and nothing else, do I know you read the rules.
4. YOU MUST know how to use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 or Adobe Photo Shop real well.
5. YOU MUST get along with the other staff members. If you will start problems, I suggest you click the red box with the X on it.
6. Where it says got chow on the form, type in "remix cha cha" and nothing else so i know that you completely read the rules.
7. YOU MUST MUST and MUST follow the rules
8. YOU CANNOT steal graphics from other websites and say that you made them for the site!
9. And this is the main rule, YOU MUSTTTTT HAVE FUN!!!!

If you get accepted, you will be notified by recieving an email saying that you made it! Into STAFF!!!! Isn't this exciting?!

Here are the jobs you can apply for:


1. Co-Owner- Whoever cooperates, works hard, and I really like will be given this spot. DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS POSITION!
2. Graphic Designer- You create website layouts, blogs, welcome signs and more.
3. HTML Coder- You code the website layouts, and other graphics so the visitors can use it.
4.Site Error Helper- You will check if theres an error on this site, as in broken links. -WE DO NOT NEED YOU TO APPLY FOR THIS YET!-
There will be more later, but Graphic Designers and HTML Coders are wanted.

Are you ready to fill in the form....are you READY?!!!! OK, the form is below you! :)

CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON ONLY 1 TIME. By clicking the submit button more than 1 time will not increase your chances from being accepted to staff. Its more likely you won't get accepted.

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