Heres me, Breysi and Fitch at the Wnds Banquet
Heres Fitch  and I utterly afraid on our trip back Lompoc
Thats my ex bf -Doug
and me at prom ->
thats Tim driving
<-heres me with my awesome prom date, Alex
More pictures??....Click here
Heres Christa and me...
This is my close friend Manni, and me at the Band Banquet
This is one of the greatest teachers ive ever had, Ms Meredith/Mrs Watts
Thats Brian and me, Brian is the sexiest man alive
This is my good buddy Ryan showing off his neato rubber chicken tie!
Andria the innocent one, drinking...
Thats my little sister Brenda and me, she looks more like my mom and i look more like my dad, thank God
Pictues of friends, me and stuff.....
Thats me and Marlene at the winds banquet