Personal Icons
So I decided to start collecting icons off the internet for my own personal collection. I love looking at pictures of hot people and interesting things... So I decided to start collecting them. And after that I decided to put them on a website so I would have somwhere to store them off of my computer. And I found some really cute ones. I don't take credit for making any of these, except for some of my own personal ones, which I will label appropriately

I haven't been able to find the sources for some of these icons due to the amount of icons I have, so if you made one of them, or you know who did, let me know which one of them it is (unlabelled icons are ones I forgot to get a source on)  Leave me a note in my Guestbook and I will label them for you. When I have finished labelling your icon then I will post your comment in my guestbook. Thanks and I apologize for the mess. :)
Avril Lavigne
Angelina Jolie Icons
Sex and the City Icons
Christina Aguilera Icons
Movie Icons
Shakira Icons
Pink Icons