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Last News Update: 6th November 2004

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Roxi-P's Neopet Faerie Kiss Dolls

Welcome to Version 1 of Roxi-P's Neopet Faerie Kiss Dolls. Here you will find Kiss Dolls of those famous Faeries from Faerieland. To download a kiss doll, find out about the Faeries, or visit Neopets, please go to the Menu below, and select where you want to go. Thanks for visiting my site. I update often.

Note: ALL dolls are made by me and me alone. The only thing that wasn't was the body SHAPE. I drew the hair, detail, clothes, and coloured them all. If you want to put them on your site, you must link to me AND have the Neopets copy write featured at the bottom of the page.

supershadow_x got their Neopet at


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