About Me:
Welcome to my homepage, my name is Eva.  A name I had a thorough dislike to as a child, untill I learned the meaning.  She that gives life. 
Giving life.  Yes.  That is what I want to do.  What I want to be.  Giving life.  Giving love.  *laughs*   Why not set high goals from the beginning?  Life is a beautyfull gift, and the hightest praise that someone could ever give Me, is that I have enrichened the life of others. 
That's a very serious start for a homepage, so let's lighten up the load a bit.  Sit down, relax.  Let's take some time to get to know eachother? 
Me?  Oh no... Guests first... You insist?  Well then, let Me tell You a story...

I was born almost 25 years ago.  Three weeks early, and two days before My mothers 25th birthday.  She had hoped that I would come a bit earlier.  As a birthday gift.  I probably had the same idea, but got the dates mixed up.  Something that since then is happening to Me constantly.  I never forget a birthday.  Only the correct date sometimes escapes Me a bit. 
After being born I did the usual things: keeping my parents out of their sleep, learning how to walk (very late) and how to talk (very early so I could order things that I wouldn't walk to to be brought to Me instead), and generally, growing up. 
i think the very first important thing after learning to speak, for Me, was to learn how to read.  I hated it for about 6 months.  When I was learning abstract things.  Like words and letters.  But then... We got to stories.  And I was lost.  Completely and utterly lost.  Words, language, texts, books, stories, poetry... they became a part of my life.  A part of Me. 
I began to weave my own stories.  First in my head, then as a childrensplay, later even on paper.  I discovered theatre about two years later.  A new and abiding love in my life. 
Thanks to my mother, my faith became a big part of my life.  She offered Me the wonderfull stories of Her belief.  Stories about Jezus, and love, and forgiving.  And in her way of being made them come true before my eyes.  A gift I'll be gratefull for forever. 
And then I grew up some more.  I got hobbies.  Unfashionable hobbies.  Like reading, and writing, and embroidery.  And I found friends.  Good friends.  Real friends.  Friends with which to share difficult times and beautyfull times. 
I took theatreclasses, graduated highschool, went to University, gave confirmationclasses, worked with children, set up theatreprojects, wrote stories and poems, did performances, got my MA, studied some more. 
I evolved from fountainpen, to typewriter to textprocessor, to computer.
I went from fantasy to childrensplay to written story, to theatre to online roleplaying.
And I still fantasise.  I still write stories in fountaintpen.  I play like a child.  Use the occasional typewriter.  And can't live very well without the theatre.     You don't forget old friends just because You make new ones. 
So here I am.  Almost 25.  With a love of reading, children, embroiderie.  *Chuckles*   A Jane Austin Lady, born a hundred years late. 

And You?  What about You?  What is Your story?  Here, have a cup of tea.  I have all the time to listen.
Look, my Love,
There You are
You drift by in that cloud of white
Or in that angry thunderstorm
Of Yesterday
Today, You are a flower
A rainbow after the storm
So frail, and prudent
But beautyfull
as a fragile cristal rose
that reflects the amazed light in my eyes
To a faraway, unfamiliar place,
Where I don't need to fear
To shatter Ye.
Your eyes are searching
Touching my face
The end of the road
Look above You
The stars reflect my eyes
The wind billows my voice
The water sprinkles my eyes
I am here
Within You I am
Around You, I am
I am I, I am You
Look around You, there I am
Look at Your face in the mirror, there I am
If You reach out, You feel my body
If You trust Your dreams, You will find My soul
I am here.
I am always.