Welcome to FaerieKing's realm,

A king?  By who's authority?

It took nearly a lifetime, but finally, this human discovered that we are all Faeries, and we are all Kings.

Magick is free for the asking.  Simply make a wish

Kings have no power.  The only difference between a king and a slave is that the King knows he is free
the slave does not.


Just an old man living in a very remote location.

I have 35 acres of wilderness, an old, falling-down traile house that I've built into the landscape, and a deep and abiding love of Nature and all of Her creation

I live alone, with a few wonderful neighbors who visit from time to time

And creatures who think that this is their home

I was a social worker for 30+ years before I finally had my fill of humanity

And chose to spend my final years not among the humans, but among the wild things who abide only by the Natural Laws

It's a vigorous, sometimes
hard life

But I wouldn't trade places with the city dwellers