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Reading:The Thief Lord Its some childrens book. It was ok I felt like I was to old to read it though. Yet I still am obsessed with HP :D
Last Movie:Last Samurai
I dont really like Tom Cruise so it may have ruined my thoughts about the movie, but it was ok. It was a bit boring as it got really into emotions (but suprisingly there were no major love scenes)

Quote:"You fool no man can kill me"---"HAHAHA I am no man I am a WOMAN" (From The ROTK) Ok so that may not be the exact quote but close enough! always
Color:GreenI suddenly love this color I want everything green!
Working on:Trying to find inspiration for a new layout
Craving:Chocolates with Caramel inside mmmmm!
Desire:SLEEP I wake up at nine everyday :(

12.19.03-Last Day of Classes & Class Parties
12.28.03-Cousins Birthday
1.01.04-I turn 16!
1.05.04-Return to School :P

1.17.04-Mothers Birthday
1.28.04-Fathers Birthday
2.13.04-Amanda's Birthday

More things to add to schedule soon....when I think of them!


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January Seventh, Two Thousand Four

I have been really busy lately. It has been the first week back from school, even though I haven't had any homework at all, which seems like a miracle!

It seems as though around the time of the New Year all these revelations are brought to me. This of course makes my mind wander as new things about life, not education, are brought to me and I have to understand this. I have said I usually look at things black and white, but this is the time of the year where new things are brought to me and now this is where I start to see the colors. I am trying to find out what the irony of this all is, because it is always this season of the year and the middle of it. This thought makes my mind wander even more, so I don't have much time to write. It is strange as I always see people I know how I think they think but when I find out they think something completly opposite of what I said it makes me think. Those aren't the only revelations revealed to me. It is as though this time of the year something is trying to push me away from being a stubborn git all the time.

I just used to word 'git' this just proves how much Harry Potter I have been reading, I am not even British!

Hey look I got the Webcam up I even took a picture...its just a test picture!

January Second, Two Thousand Four

I am trying to get myself to do my homework I just can't seem to do it. My cousins came over to drop off their two pets a bunny and a guinea pig. I like the bunny because she has one ear that permanently stays up and the other always stays down. She is so cute, but she leaves droppings everywhere.

Yesterday we went to Red Lobster, and my sister asked if I wanted to have my birthday sung by the waitors. I said nothing but everyone knew I wanted it. I know probably everyone else would be way too embarassed, but I never had my birthday sung to me by waitors. My sister had, my brother had, my GRANDMOTHER had, and most of my friends but not me. So I am proud of myself for not saying anything but getting it anyways. Of Course I am extremly wierd, didn't I say that already?

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