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Hello and welcome to Rippling Reality. I'm Mithua, and here you're all very welcome to come and see my fanart and fanfiction. I am very much in to Harry Potter, X-Men, Peter Pan and the Pirates and many animes, so my site will mainly focus on those fandoms. Well, feel free to browse around, and if you have any comments please do e-mail me.
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Wooo! I've finally started to update more! Well, over the next few days, I'll try and get more of my fanfics up in the HP section. And I'll try to get started on the X-Men: Evolution stuff and Anime area. But the HP section is going to be huge, so that might take a while! But anyway, I've got my first fic up in the HP area, and I've added a lot of links on the the link page! So please do check those out!