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Amy Brown, Brian Frowd, Tyranny Games, Jeffrey K. Bedrick, James C. Christensen
Lori Howe, James Browne, Lee Seed, Natalia Pierandrei, Sarah B. Seiter
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You'll find four works by the talented young artist ~Sarah B. Seiter~ throughout my galleries. Her
style is particularly delightful to me. She has created for us a fae world that is beautiful and almost believable.
If you'd like to see more of her work and find out more about the artist you can find her represented at

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Disclaimer* This site is not associated with any of the artists, or the works of the artists represented here. To anyone who would take issue with that, I make this statement;

This is a not-for-profit site. My galleries showcase only a tiny sampling of the works produced by these wonderful artists. The pictures are shown in lower resolution, and are smaller in size than one might find at a licensed resellers site, or on the artists own official web-sites. I present these pictures in the spirit of appreciation and, perhaps, to introduce something unique to others.

In my opinion, when people maintain small appreciation sites, like this one, they are not hindering the artists that created the various medias, but helping them. It is free promotion and, it is fair usage.

If you'd like to discuss this issue with me, I welcome your - Teepo.

To see a greater variety of work, and for info about the outstanding artists featured here, and at the two associated sites, here's a list of artists names for you to use in a search.

Joe Chiodo, Gerald Brom, Dave Dorman, Joe Jusko, Michael Evans, Boris Vallejo, Fred Gambino, Sorayama, Jay Anacleto, Jim Burns, Matthew Stawicki, Oscar Chichoni, Rowena Morrill, Scott Lewis, Stephen Youll, Tim White, Joe Calkins, Ian Blin, Hyungkun Choi, Mark Hallett, Tim Hildebrandt, Chris Moore, Luis Royo, Barclay Shaw, Michael Whelan, Boris Attila, Julie Bell, Roel Wielinga, Santiago Iborra, Simon Dominic Brewer, Nicole Cadet, Alice Duke, Stefano Mendoza, Gabor Szugyi, Ron Weed, Frank Frazzeta, HR Giger, Yuki Uchida, Jinx Avila, Gimenez, Siudmak, JRR Tolkien, Darrell Sweet, Tyranny Games, Jeffrey K. Bedrick, James C. Christensen, Lori Howe, Lee Seed, Natalia Pierandrei, Amy Brown, Sarah B. Seiter, Brian Froud