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Having worked as a Hairdressing Salon Owner, I suddenly realized that I needed to change jobs. I have a great passion for children and their early developement in creativity, imagination and application. I am a Creative Artist. like working on faces, both children and adults, and use their faces as my canvas. I also paint, write childrens stories and poetry. I design and make original faerie costumes, wings and wands. I also create faerie gifts, cards and self self motivating tools and more. I am a Faerie entertainer as well, doing "in your home" Faerie Parties. You will find me at the larger Markets here in Melbourne Australia. Many of my costumes have sold throughout the world. I have had been involved in many art exhibitions and have won an Award for Best Costume at the Star Trek Club Ball, here in Melbourne, Australia. Spiritual Australian Band/Digeridoo/Meditational music
A comprehensive Australian Magazine for Stallholders and Customers, about what markets etc are on where, and all kinds of interesting articles to read. Avail. at local newsagencies
Melbournes Whitehat website is a wonderful experience for Tourists and Locals for a day a week or more. Check it out you wont be sorry!
Creating things ie costumes, wings, wands, halos etc from nothing and selling it to those who adore it.
Art work is a passion and working on childrens faces is a wonderful canvas. Nothing is so exciting than seeing a childs face or seeing an adults face light up after I have finished.
Anything creative is extremely interesting to me. My hobby is photography since I was around 5 years old, when I received my first camera. I love live theatre and movies as well. As a Libran we all enjoy beauty. Thats me to a Tee.

Enquiries or orders can be emailed to me. Just click on 'Email Me!' at top of page and please sign the Guest Book before leaving or leave another message. Thank you all in anticipation.

Feedback regarding this site is most welcome as its my first attempt.
Friends and family are the essence and sometimes influence of who we are. Sometimes we take notice that we are on the correct path and sometimes we stray. It is then, that we as individuals need to take notice that if its not the right or correct path for our journey or mission then we ourselves, must ensure that we change. For change is the hardest lesson of all. This is our lessons of learning. It is our responsiblity to ourselves to 'work on' our own inner and outer growth. Finding the right path is the key to Bliss. I have found that through Meditation and being with like minded people. We are all striving for inner peace and  harmony. Listed here are the area's I have been most interested in this since my early 20's:- Natural Therapies, Holistic Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Tarot, Astrology, Crystals, Spiritual Healing and other modalites. I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudio, which all help me when people seek my help and especially relating to children. It is through my gained knowledge and hands on experience, that help me to assist many people, who approach me to help them in finding their own journey and purpose in Life.
ps. Please visit my favourite Australian Band. www.rivertribe.com Thank you to Lisa, for the gorgeous Faerie you made above. Enquires regarding my designing or bookings for Faerie Parties Please call for all enquiries:-.

phone:- (61-3)0411-487011
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