Anella Darkwings
Basic Stats
Name: Anella Darkwings

Race: Hybrid (Demon/Faerie)

Age: unknown

Height:  Demoness Form : 5ft'4in
              Faerie Form : 5 inches

Eye Color: Varies with mood

Alignment: Chaotic

Class: Non-combatant

Occupation:  Former Slave

Abilities: Transfer Form
                Faerie and Demon Magics
                Null Magic

Likes: Shiny Objects, Silver, Black             Platinum, and Coins.

Dislikes: Nets, Jars, Bottles, Cages,            Boxes, Pins, and Spiders.
Anella in her demoness form
Anella was created in a Elven Magic Academy   when Elvish researchers tried to fuse the magic   ability of a faerie with the strength and power of a  demon. Something went wrong in the process  and Anella was created. Anella has two forms,  her small and usual form of a faerie, and her demoness form, which she can only maintain for 2 hours at a time without having that side take control over her. She learned about herself and her abiltiies during the experiments she was put through. During a very bad thunderstorm Anella managed to sneak away and escaped, living life on the run since.

After a long time of fleeing Anella decided she had enough and got various jobs at bars, anything from waitress, to lap dancer. She picked up many useful skills. After working the taverns for a while Anella decided to try and find other faeries. She discovered a glen, but it was abandoned. One day while flying around Anella was captured in a magic jar by Tarrien Raven. Soon after Tarrien decided she wanted to keep the little Anella for her slave, having her wear a obdesian collar with P.O.T.R. (Property of Tarrien Raven) etched in it.

Now she is free, often found flittering around her glen.
Anella's Faerie Form