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According to folklore, fairies are supernatural beings that contain a strong amount of magic. Curiously, according to legend, fairies weren't just miniature-winged sprites flitting about. They also were gnomes living in there little underground dens or mermaids from your sparkling blue seas. Fairies have taken on many different characteristics over the years. They have been to be spiteful and mischievous, but other times and places they are kind and giving.

Fairies lived in their own kingdom of enchantment; think of the elves in Lord of the Rings. Many different legends of the fairy home and powers I have seen. One such tale is of a fairy losing it's power the further it got from it's home... possibly even death due to it's weakness. Honestly, wherever it is you are looking up the fairy, I think you will find history isn't going to agree on what a fairy is. Thanks to today's society, we have our mass agreement of what a basic fairy looks like.

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