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Poetry is wonderful in all of it's feeling and meaning.

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I hope you enjoy these.

Covered Lies

Covered Lies
You said you loved me,
And she was a memory,
Is it still true now,
Or are the stories crossed?

If I could tell you,
How much you mean to me,
Without my tongue
Messing up the words.

I have believed you
And trusted you.
Will you prove to me,
I'll still be able to?

Every time I hear your voice,
Or when I smell your fragrant cologne,
I cry myself so fast asleep
Into a nightmare. I'll find you there.

Contradictions long for-told,
As lovers wings keep their hold.
Such sweet kisses graze thy lips.
Like the wine that thou shalt sip.

Sometimes words could never explain,
the feelings that I will always carry,
Maybe, though, just maybe,
my eyes will say it all.

Eyes are just the windows,
the windows to the soul.
Love and happiness shine through them,
and sadness may sometimes show.

If you ever wish to know,
what it is I wish to say,
there the lost words will then be found,
and you will know my feelings are real.

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