Welcome to my tiny spot on the web!
I created this page as a place for me to spill out my thoughts and become more aware of myself. I believe that it is important to grow as individuals, discovering the selves that we never acknowledged we were, in order to love ourselves and achieve the ultimate joy and success that we all strive for. The entries you may read on this site result from my personal attempts to journey deep down within myself and embrace my subconscious being. I encourage you to attempt this in your own lives as well. Please enjoy, and check back for frequent updates.
May love, light, joy, and beauty forever dwell in your glorious spirits!
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About me:
I was born on March 7, 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio, where I grew up. Though currently taking a break due to financial reasons, I have been a student at both Kent State and Cleveland State Universities majoring as an "Intervention Specialist:Moderate/Intensive." My passions are art, music, reading, writing, spirituality, family, and nature (to name a few). Many times shy and introverted, I can also be confident and open. I admire goddess-like women who achieve strength, wisdom, and respect while continuing to be gloriously beautiful and humble. You can find me off somewhere by myself, daydreaming, writing, and observing the beauty that exists in every imaginable creation on earth. I love LOVE. I love giving it. I love receiving it (who doesn't?!). I love seeing it, hearing about it, and existing within it.
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