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1.You must have a web page.........duh
2.You must sign the guestbook so I know who you are and what you adopted.
3.Do not use these (FOR ANY REASON) in a graphics collection. That is what they call stealing.
4.There is to be no direct linking. Please upload and save them to your own server.
5.You may NOT EVER alter these pets. Unless you email me and ask for permission to do so.
6.Provide a link back to this site so that others may visit the site.      Link to http://ElysianWoods.cjb.net

If you can't follow simple rules like these then don't even bother with spaming my guestbook. I just delete the entries. It is so childesh of people to do so anyway.
I Don't Agree
Follow the Rules
Deep in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland lies the mystical forest of Elysian Woods. Many strange and magical creatures have been found within its limits. Come and tour the woods for yourself and see what wonderful creatures you can undcover.

Some simple rules to read befor entering.
I Agree
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