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On Jan 29th 2000 FC Hawks 2-1 lost to Westside 2-0 in the Cup play offs. Despite a good first half the team lost its potential after a fortunate goal scored by the westsides. The team gradually lost its team work and  gave up the game in the 75th minute. A late goal by the  westsides killed the chances of the Hawks to get back into the game.

Despite the low confidence the hawks players had before the game on J
an 30th 2000, they managed to beat Meraloma 3-2. An early goal scored by Meroloma actually triggered the Hawks players, which lead to some good team work. In the 44th minute Babak Shahbazi equalized the game 1-1. In the second half Meroloma put some pressure on the Hawks defence, but the defence sustained the pressure until Mamad Sharifi who just subbed in gave Hawks a 2-1 lead. Later in the half, a good pass by Babak Shahbazi to Shahin Nabi lead to Shahin scoring the 3rd goal. Meroloma scored their 2nd in the 89th minute after a misunderstanding in the defence line up.

A very important game between Hawks U-21 and Burnaby Canadians ended up in 1-1 draw on F
ebruary 5th 2000 . A red card issued to Salman Moghadam early in the game for a hard tackle resulted in a one man deficit for the team. A very bad call from the refree for a free kick ended up opening Hawks goal. Our players worked hard to stay in the match but missed several chanses. Shahin Nabi missed the net on his one on one with the keeperi. After Hawks were all over Burnaby for 30 minutes Mamad Sharifi scored a goal to tie the game in the 88th minute. It was one of the best games Hawks FC had in terms of working hard with great potential to win this game. Man of the match was named Ali Kocholo. 
February 13th 2000 the Hawks teams had two games in  a row. The first game Metro Ford trashed the the u-21 team 6-0. They were all over the the hawks team. The next game against a div 2 team was fairly easier. the hawks won 3-1 to advance to the next round in the cup games. Goals were scored by Meysam and Mohsan Azari (2)

A revenge the Hawks FC was waiting for was overtaken against Surrey FC. the game ended 5-1 with all the goals scored by
Meysam. In the previous game Meysam was called names and forced to take some violent actions. This time Meysam dissed them by scoring 5 incredible goals. The team worked hard and did some good team work.

Feb 20th the mens team advanced to the 1/8 finals beating de dutch     4-2. Goals were scored by Babak, Meysam S (2), and Mohsan Azari.
Once again not a threatening team for the Hawks.

March  4th the Hawks u-21 team tied Westside 1-1 in a very important cup game. They won the game in penalty shot out 4-3. Ali kochoolo got a red card after argueing with the refree, and Hawks had to face 11 men for the rest of the game. A penalty shot rewarded to Meysam open the westside goal giving the lead to Hawks in the 35th minute. The Hawks defence was finally broken apart in the 75th minute by westside. Westside outrun Hawks and had control of the second half but the Hawks managed to finish the game with a tie and win the game in shot-outs.

March 11th 2000 Hawks lost 2-1 to Norvan in a cup Game. Due to two games bieng scheduled at one time the u-21 starters were late to there game resulting in a 2-0 deficit in 5 minutes. The players were lost in the field and took them a while to get it together. By then it was too late. the refree also had a very poor performance calling the game 5 minutes early.

March the 19th was a great last day for our persian veterens to win a game against Vancouver C,  5-2. Some of the older players took control of the field and gave a great win for the hawks team. Goals were scored by Mohammad, Babak and three from Mohsan Azari. Some sloppy mistakes in the defence gave Vancouver 2 goals. Happy new year too all the hawks fans....

March 26th, 2000 Hawks FC took on Serbian FC on a glamorous day. The semi-finals ended with 5-3 win for Hawks FC. The mid-field was very solid with some experienced players on the field. Hawks FC's goals were scored by Meysam, Babak, Mohsan, Mamad, and Pedram.
Shahin Sadr broke his leg very badly in this game due to a very bad tackle from the serbian defence in the box. We wish him well, and hope he feels better soon.

YEAR 1999