Greetings, you’ve found the home of “The Fah * King Band” and we would like to welcome you to our Fah King website!!

Unlike most bands, we are not pretentious snobs who would insult our fans with a website full of useless banter about how long we’ve been together, what type of gear we endorse, or how many songs we know . . . and this is mostly due to the fact that we’ve only been together for three months, have really crappy gear, and can only play a couple songs from start to finish so far.

But, “The Fah * King Band” is still a musical force to be reckoned with. Featuring three of Trenton, NJ’s most eclectic musicians, this is the mother of all party bands!!

On drums, percussion, and vocals, Tony Orsi pounds out fierce, chest-thumping rhythms that sometimes seem to hypnotize the audience. His total disregard of meter continues to push the band into new and unfamiliar territory.

Mike Schillaci plays bass and sings like a man possessed. His background as a guitar player infuses his style with a certain sense of melody not heard since the British Invasion. If there is one word to describe Mike’s playing, it would be: LOUD!!

Rounding out this talented trio, whose line-up is reminiscent of “ELP” and “Ben Fold’s Five”, is Bob Giovannetti on keyboards and vocals. Bob’s role in the band is to bring balance to the music and also to play louder than Mike.

Lastly, we must mention a loyal member of our road crew. John Garzio is not only the official Fah King photographer but he is also in charge of sound, lights and other sorted affairs that we can’t mention here due to various pending legal obligations.

So, in summation, please help us spread the word as we have already begun rehearsals for the first leg of our “No Fah King Mistakes” tour . . . coming to a town near you!!

-See you soon,
Tony, Mike, & Bob

U.S. Tour Info: Coming Soon!!

Crystal Pig Recording Studio


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