My Home Place: Yau Ma Tei

Yau Ma Tei is my home place. I lived there for more than twenty years. The area, Yau Ma Tei is very near to the area of Mongkog, thus, the place is often filled with lots of people and spirit. Threre are two famous travelling spots in Yau Ma Tei, one is the Jade market and another one is the Temple Street.

Jade market is located on the junction of Kansu and Battery streets. The place is very unique, primitive and full of historical culture. It has varieties of shades and qualities of the precious stones and jades to sell. To Chinese, jade has great spiritual value for warding off evil. As well, you can carve the jade into certain shapes, such as a budda, a dragon, or a horse.

The geographic position of Temple Street is convenient for most major tranportations to pass by. Many visitors find delight in eating and shopping in there because there are hundreds of little stalls, selling all different kinds of products; such as casual clothing, mobile phones and watches. There are also stalls for Chinese palm reading and fortune telling, sometimes, there is even a Chinese street opera show performed under the tree.

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