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Maggie is a seductive con-artist scamming the rich in Miami Beach. When she picks the wrong mark, Jack Shanks, he blackmails her into working with him on the ultimate scam in Jamaica. When the scam turns deadly, murder and double-cross become the only way to finish their dangerous game.

Check your local listings. Sometimes it's shown on The USA Network. 

Was filmed in Jamaca. 

Release Dates: Made for theatrical release, but premiered on cable May 22, 1993. 

1993; 98 minutes 

Directed by: John Flynn 

Cast: Martin Donovan (Gordon Wexler), Christopher Walken (Jack Shanks), Lorraine Bracco (Maggie Rohrer), Miguel Ferrer (Barry Landers), James McDaniel (Daniel Poole), Daniel von Bargen (Albert Magliocco), Erick Avari (Mr. Ayub), Skipp Suddeth (Bob Sarcominia), Maxi Priest (Cab Driver), James Walker (Arthur Hopper), Edgar Allan Poe IV (Artie De Sola), Rob Fuller (Tommy), Carmen López (Waitress), Clarence Thomas (Grand Prix Doorman), Xavier Coronel (Warwick Desk Clerk), Sandra Piero (Warwick Maid), Rohan Tulloch (Immigration Agent), Constantine Binda (Customs Inspector), Tony Rodney (Lucinda Resort Bellman), Cassiano Smith (Calypso Musician), Kay Swanson (Middle Aged Blonde), Rosemary Murray (Female Cab Driver), Donna Svennevik (American Woman #1), Diann Sutherlin Smith (American Woman #2), Eleanor Joy Lind (American Woman #3), R. Emmett Fitzsimmons (FBI Agent), Gerald Owens (Computer Expert), Fabio M. Arber (George), Brenda Charrie (Waitress #2) 

Written by: Craig Smith (Based on novel Ladystinger written by Craig Smith) 

Cinematography by: Ric Waite 

Original Music by: Stephen Graziano, Maxi Priest (songs) 

Production Design by: Marek Dobrowolski 

Costume Design by: Abigail Murray 

Film Editing by: Michael N. Knue 

Produced by: Don Gold (line), David Lancaster, Frederick Schneier (executive) 

Production Company: Viacom Productions Inc.

* mentions Martin Donovan's performance in the film 

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