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Trouble and Desire - Hal Hartley


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A smart-mouthed, pregnant suburban brat and a disillusioned computer genius with a live hand grenade in his pocket embark on a strange odyssey of love and self-discovery and together. A quintessential Hartley love match, with bristly characters trying to learn to love each other amidst the oddball humor of their environments.

Trust took top prizes at the Houston, Sundance, and Deauville Film Festivals and with the Australian Film Critics Circle. 

Release Dates: currently available on video 

1990; 105 minutes 

Directed by: Hal Hartley 

Cast: Martin Donovan (Matthew Slaughter), Adrienne Shelly (Maria Coughlin), Merritt Nelson (Jean Coughlin), John MacKay (Jim Slaughter), Edie Falco (Peg Coughlin), Gary Sauer (Anthony), Matt Malloy (Ed), Suzanne Costollos (Rachel), Jeff Howard (Robert), Karen Sillas (Nurse Paine), Tom Thon (Deli Man), M.C. Bailey (Bruce), Patricia Sullivan (Ruark Boss), Marko Hunt (John Coughlin), John St. James (Mr. Santiago), Kathryn Mederos (Factory Woman), William Sage (John Bill), Julie Sukman (Biker Mom), Robby Anderson (Joey Blech), Chris Cooke (Diner Guy), Bea Delizio (Woman on Couch), Tamu Favorite (Salesgirl), Leo Gosse (Uncle Leo), Elizabeth Gouse (Grace Blech), Mildred Jones (Nurse #2), Pathena Parish (Factory Girl), Scott Robinson (Bartender), Nena Segal (Aunt Fay), Jean Kay Sifford (Lori), Pamela Stewart (Mrs. Blech) 

Written by: Hal Hartley 

Cinematography by: Michael Spiller 

Original Music by: The Great Outdoors, Philip Reed 

Production Design by: Daniel Ouellette 

Costume Design by: Claudia Brown 

Film Editing by: Nick Gomez 

Produced by: Jerome Brownstein (executive), Bruce Weiss 

Production Company: Channel Four Films, True Fiction Pictures, Zenith Productions

* mentions Martin Donovan's performance in the film 

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