Mark A Fairchild, MSW
I joined the LEND program at the Ohio State University Nisonger Center in 2003-2004 as a Social Work trainee.  Through my activities at the center, I increased my knowledge of disability policy, cultural competency, and emerging MR/DD issues.  My participation in LEND furthered my desire to meet the needs of dually diagnosed clients and build myself into a leader in the field of MR/DD.

Association of
Social Workers


The Ohio State
University Nisonger
Center for MR/DD

Children's Bureau, Inc.
P.A.L.S.  A Support Group for Teens with Down Syndrome
Following discussions with my faculty advisor, Tom Fish, PhD. , I organized a social support group for teens with Down syndrome. This group filled the need for a forum for these youths to discuss their unique issues on their own terms.  The enthusiastic support of participants, parents, and professionals ensure that this  endeavor will have a productive future.               PALS BROCHURE

The Next Chapter Book Club
I began facilitating a  NCBC after its first year of existence and was impressed  in its ability to accomplish the complex tasks of encouraging life-long learning, literacy, and social involvement in the community through such a simple and enjoyable method.                        MORE ON NCBC
Although much less unique, I am equally proud for the assistance that I have been able to give  clients, families and professionals through my efforts at conferences, counseling and consultation.
Pervasive Developmental Delay Module
A web-based resource focusing on PDD, its features and treatment.

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
An information and referral center for disabilities and disability related issues.

Americans with
Disabilities Act

The offical government website for ADA information

Individiuals with Disabilities Education Act
Archived government information regarding IDEA 1997
I look forward to the possibility of taking my experiences with P.A.L.S. and expanding them to include other populations where the emotional and cognitive needs of the clients are unmet.  I also look forward to following the progress of the Next Chapter Book Club as it continues its expansion, as well as the future of the  proposed Americorp community inclusion project for which I was able to participate in much of the initial groundwork.