family poems

This site is dedicated to my family. This is their work of poems. When I first started this I never realized how talented my family is, they have really surprised me.
Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I have making them. I'm still a work in progress as far as learning what I need to in order to make this look good.

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  1. I Love Tom

  2. I Wasn't Suppose Val

  3. Dream In My Curt

  4. Kim

  5. In My Tom

  6. Because of Kim

  7. Let's Be Tom

  8. You, My Tom

  9. Tommy J

  10. Through The Val

  11. Val

  12. Tommy j

  13. I Had All Tommy J

  14. Val

  15. My Two Boys.....By Val

  16. Silent Friends, Secret Bil and Holly

  17. Adam

  18. My Val