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G'DAY! Here is just a few of our typical FAIIRDINKUM TRUEBLUE DINKI-DI words for you to take a gander at, so grab a coldie and have fun


Anzac- (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) an old australian military person

Aerial ping-pong- australian rules football

Arse about face- back to front

Aggro- someone feeling angry

Av-a-go-yer-mug- telling someone to try harder


Aggots- man's- testicles

Aerial ping pong- aussie rules football

Avagoodweegend- Have a good weekend


Barbie- barbecue

Basket case- someone who is crazy

Better half- someones partner

Bloke- australian male

Battler- a hard worker or someone making the best of a bad situation

Bull dust- a lie

Breakky- breakfast

Bloody oath- approval of something

Bob's your uncle- everything is alright

Bar fly- someone who lives at the bar or pub

Bonzer- great

Boomer- kangaroo

Booze- alcohol

Boozer- bar or pub

Billabong- waterhole

Blowies- blow flies

Buckley's chance- no chance at all

Bunghole- your mouth

Bluey- a nickname for someone with red hair

Bludge- to be real lazy and do nothing

Bludger- someone who is extremely lazy

Biscuit- cookie

Bugger me dead!- extremely shocked at something

Bugger off!- they are telling you to go

Blotto- someone being drunk


Chook- a chicken

Chock a block- full

Chinnwag- having a coversation

Choof off- You go now

Codswallop- a lot nonsense or a lie

Crapper- toilet

Clod hoppers- your feet

Chew the fat- have a good conversation

Cossie- swimming costume

Cockie- farmer

Cockie- cockroach

Chunder- vomit

Cakehole- your mouth

Cunning as a shithouse rat- someone is very sly and under handed

Corroboree- aboriginal festival dance

Curly- nickname for a bald person

Clobber- Clothes

Chuck- throw something or vomit

Compo- Compensation (Worker's Compensation)

Coo-ee call- for greeting someone at a distance in the bush

Cozzie- swimming costume

Crook- feeling ill

Crust- to earn a living

Coldie- cold beer

Cobber- friend

Chrissie- Christmas

Cunning Kick- hiding money from the missus


Dunny- toilet

Dinki-di- true

Drongo- a fool

Dobber- someone who tells on another

Donger- a room

Doe- money

Daggy- something that looks crap

Dropped your guts- you have passed wind

Dial- your face

Deadset- without a doubt

Dry as a dead dingo's donger- a very dry climate

Digger- an old australian military person

Dodgy- a suspicious person or situation

Damper- flour and water bread mix cooked in a camp fire

Dork- fool or idiot

Dog and bone- telephone

Dead horse- tomato sauce

Durry- a cigarette

Dingbat- an idiot

Dacks- trousers or shorts

Doona- a thick bed covering


Earbashing- someone talking to you a long time

Esky- large insulated box which you put ice in to keep food and drink cold(beer)

Early opener- a pub that opens before breakfast

Easy wicket- an easy task


Face fungus- a man's beard

Five finger discount- shoplifting

Fibber- someone who lies

Full as a boot- drunk

Flat chat or Flat out- going very fast what ever they're doing

Fat chance- someone has little to no chance of something happening

Fairdinkum- someone who is truly honest

Fag- a cigarette

Flaked out- laid down for a rest or fell down from over doing it

Fella- a male

Fair crack of the whip!- to give someone a fair go

Fair-go Mate!- statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something

Fair suck of the sav- statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something

Fart-arse around- you not getting on with the job at hand, and doing other things

Fair suck of the sav- giving someone an equal chance (sav is a savaloy a type of sausage)

Flasher- a fool who exposes their private parts in public

Flat out like a lizard drinking- doing something very fast

Flog- to sell something

Full of shit- speaking absolute rubbish

Fairy Floss- cotton candy

Franger- condom

Flicks- movie or picture theatre


Galah- a fool

Gasbag- talking alot

Grub - food

Grub- a dirty child or person

Gander- to have a look

Garbo- Garbage collector

Grog- alcohol

Grouse- something is very good

Good as Gold!- something is great

Guts- stomach

Goer- its a sure thing

Get Knotted!- is a angry way of say go now

Good On ya mate- well done there mate

Great Australian Salute- swatting flies

G'day Cobber- s greeting to another person


Humpy- bush dwelling

Howzat!- hows that!

Hair of the dog- to have another drink in the morning to cure the hangover

Hooly-dooly- an expression of surprise

Have a Captain Cook- to look at something

Hard-knocker- a black bowler hat


Iffy- its a bit risky

Idiot box- television set

Itsy-bitsy- something very small in size


Jiffy- shortly

Jocks- underwear

Jumper- a woolen sweater

Jumbuck- sheep

Jackaroo or Jillaroo- male or female Cattle Station hand

Jarmies- pyjamas

John Thomas- the penis


Knock off work- time to go home from work

Kiwi- someone who live in New Zealand

Knackers- male testicles

Knackered- feeling exhausted

Knickers- females underwear

Kindy- kindergarden

Knockers- women's breasts

Kids Beer- low alcohol beer


Lavvy- outdoor toilet

Liquid amber- Beer

Lollie- candy

Loaf- head

Loo- toilet

Lug- ear

Lulu- an amazing person

Lovey-dovey- very affectionate

Lounge lizard- a lazy person

Lummox- a stupid person

Lamingtons- sponge cakes coated in chocolate and coconut

Long neck- large bottle of beer

Lippie- lipstick


Melon- head

Mickey- policeman

Middling- Good health

Mate- friend

Me ol'China- old friend

Matilda- sleeping bag

Milk bar- a corner shop that sells all sorts

Missus- wife or girlfriend

Mozzie- mosquito

Mug- your face

Middy- 285 ml beer glass

Mad as a Cut snake- someone very upset


Nellie-bellie- meatpie

Nifty- smart

Ning-nong - some one who is stupid

Nonch- prison

Nooky- sex

Norks- a womans breasts

Nuddy- nude

Nappy- diaper

Nick- steal something


On a good Lurk- on to a good thing

Ocker- A trueblue aussie person

Oz- Australia

Outback- remote part of Australia

Off the beaten Track- on a road not used very much

Oldies- parents

Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun- leaving very quickly

Off-sider- assistant or partner

Oy!- Aussie bush call

Old Battle-Axe- wife or mother-inlaw


Pull your head in mate- tell them to mind their own business

Postie- Postman

Pong- horrible smell

Pissed as a parrot- drunk


Pissed off- angry

Pot hole-hole in the road

Prawn- shrimp

Pub- place for buying and drinking alcohol

Plonk- cheap alcohol

Prezzies- presents

Pigs bum- something wrong or incorrect

Possie- in good spot

Pot- 285 ml glass of beer

Pommy or Pom- english person

Pat-malone- you are on your own

Piece of Piss- easy

Pissing in my Pocket- someone telling you their troubles


Quid- money

Quack- doctor



Ridgie didge- genuine article

Rellie- relative

Root- sex

Rooted- very tired

Rip snorter- something is great

Rubber- eraser

Roo- kangaroo

Rollie- hand rolled cigarette

Rorter- a con man

R.S.L- returned servicemans league


Sanga- Sandwich

Scone- your head

She'll be Apples!- everything is going to be alright

Stone the crows!- Shocked by something

Smoko- have a break

Shout- buying friends alcohol at a pub

Strewth- shocked at something

Sheila- an australian woman

Snag- sausage

Spit the dummy- you get very angry at someone or something

Stubby-small bottle of beer

Scallops- fried potato cakes

Schooner- large beer glass

Strine- alot of Aussie slang said at once

Swag- canvas bag

Sandshoes- joggers

Sook- crybaby

Slab- pack of 24 cans of beer

Sloppy joe- a cotton sweater


Thunder box-

Tucker- food

Tuckshop- a school canteen

Tuckerbag- a bag for storing food in the bush

Tinnie- can of cold beer

Thongs- sandals made from rubber

True Blue- something or someone who is real Australian

Two-up- traditional Australian heads or tails gambling game with two coins


Use your Loaf- use your head

Ugg boot- a soft boot made from sheepskin

Underdacks- underpants, briefs

Undies- underpants, briefs

Up a gum tree- confused

Ute- a utility vehicle


Vee dub- a Volkswagen car

Vegemite- a black spread, made from an extract of brewers yeast, eaten on sandwiches and toast.

Veggies- vegetables

Veg out- to relax and do nothing


Whinge- always complaining

Whiffy- smelly

Westie- someone form the western suburbs

Whippy- a wallet

Wimera shower- a dust storm


You're a Wombat!- you are not the brightest

You little Beauty- that's great

Yobbo- looks like a slob

Yacking- talking a lot

Ya bloods worth Bottling- someone has done something good for you

Yonks- a long period of time

You are a Mug- you are a fool


Zebra crossing- a pedestrain crossing of a roadway

Zambuck- an StJohns ambulance officer

Zing- enthusiasm

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