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Helen Darville is an Australian writer.

This might come as a surprise if your only knowledge of her comes via the world wide web, in which case you were probably expecting a raving anti-Semite with links to Holocaust revisionism at best, denial at worst and a history of either pathological lying or mental abberation.

Actually she wrote a novel.

The real life Helen, currently a law student in her early 30's, grew up in a working class area of Brisbane thick with aspirational

immigrant families and became a scholarship girl, university medallist and all round clever cookie. While still 22 and studying at the University of Queensland she wrote THE HAND THAT SIGNED THE PAPER under the pseudonym Helen Demidenko. The novel not only won the Vogel/Australian Literary Award (for best unpublished writer under 35) but went on to receive the gold medal of the Australian Literary Society and the Miles Franklin, which is Australia's equivalent to the Booker or Pulitzer Prizes.

Most people would consider this a good thing.

(c) 1995, Michael Leunig

However she chose to write about World War II. And in a country where those on the 'right side' of the war have long since vaulted into the middle classes, she chose to write about a family that could well have lived in her own suburb - a Ukrainian family with two brothers, both of whom joined the SS, participated in atrocities and had the unmitigated gall to remain recognisably human throughout.

Since then Helen has attracted a hard core of critical lobbyists determined to thwart such a dangerous character and ensure she is silenced either through outright slander or censorship. The fact that her journalism career later included an interview with notorious British revisionist David Irving during his libel trial probably didn't help.

However, we can now bring to your attention the first miracle of the 21st century.

Thanks to personnel changes within the media group, the Fairfax Fatwa has been lifted. After EIGHT YEARS Helen Darville has been taken off

the invisible black list and her first article appeared in the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald on 1st October 2001, replacing one of her most energetic (though seldom accurate) critics, Robert Manne. Fairfax Are Yellow hereby wish to blow that particular 'gentleman' a big, fat, raspberry!!

In light of these developments Fairfax Are Yellow is being reorganised, but for the moment you can access our original site complete with information on Helen Darville's articles, dissection of the many pork pies (lies) indulged in by several critics who otherwise claim to be Kosher, as well as a thorough review of the novel that started it all.

If you found this site via a search engine CONGRATULATIONS! It's a miracle. In the past two years Fairfax Are Yellow has only been successfully registered with three search engines which then pulled the listings within weeks. So if you like the site and are in favour of freedom of speech, email the URL to your friends!


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