FP is a Texas based, regional Marketing Group. It specializes in the eastern seaboard, the southern tier of the states, and Canada.

FP creates and executes confidential marketing and promotion campaigns tailored for the Amusement Industry.

FP is of particular value to:

*Marketing Directors and Divisions

Call FP in as additional muscle. We'll work to your 'specs.

*Small, Medium and Large Fairs

Let FP be your marketing dept. Don't be left out. FP will design new and exciting promotions execlusivly for you.

*Fairboards and Commities

Let FP coordinate your advertising with the show to produce spectacular promotions for you both.

*Food and Franchises and Owners

FP will put you on the midway with original and profitable tie-in concepts.

FP works on a market by mark basis. Pick your day. We'll work them for you. One day or your entire event.

FP can provide you with a Fabulous, Funtastic, Modern, Safe Carnival that adhers to our strict rules. Why settle for just a Carnival when we can bring the whole package? More profits and less work for your committees.

FP can serve them all, Large and small.




Click here to see a sampling of the promotions FP offers to help raise your attendance.