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Probably born from old legends of war heros, the fantasy warriors have always been the ultimate exemple of courage and bravery. Admired for their strength, skill, strategy and tactics they are the ones that serve what their heart says... good or evil.
As they give their life to the unpredictable nature of battles, warriors not only increase their physical development. So much more important than strength, the  retreat, feints, evasion, illusion, negociation and compromise are the arts of the warrior. As they are bold and fearless in their pursuit, this is their intelligence that permit them to become heros.
Today's warriors are found in video games, books and movies. It is still  dreamful to imagine those men and women who always have a mission to carry out and accomplish, to admire their endurance and perceverance and to live with them the concentration and focus that permit them to become one with their approach of life.  
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