Welcome to Sims 2 Avenue!
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Huge Updates!
Over the past few days there have been many updates in the Vacation homes and Large Homes sections of the site, make sure you check them out!

With the release of Bon Voyage I have decided to add a new section to the site for Vacation Homes. Make sure to check them out. These houses will all 100% require the Bon Voyage EP!

Welcome to Sims 2 Avenue
I have launched this site to give everyone a place to come if they need a house for their sims. All of my houses are made from real home plans. I belive in my Sims living as real as I do. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy the site. If there are any issues feel free to email me and let me know. Also if you have ideas or you would like to see something different on Sims 2 Avenue let me know.

Im taking requests for homes
If you are looking for a specific home please email me all pictures if possible and rough ideas of how you want your house to look. I also suggest looking online for home plans as this will help me make the house just as you want it. Email me all requests
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