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Marcy Kwasniewski

"I struggled hard for two years to lose weight after my sixth child was born, but nothing worked -- until Herbalife. With these products I went from a size 14 to a 6 without increasing my exercise or giving up the foods I love."

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Rose-Marie Charbonneau

"I struggled with my weight for 13 years. When a friend introduced me to Herbalife and said it would be the solution to my problem, I was skeptical. But he was right! Thanks to Herbalife, I've gone from a size 24 to a 12."

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Becky Estela

"After the birth of my second child I was overweight and unhappy. Then I discovered the Thermojetics® Weight-Management Program. I didn't have to starve or deprive myself of the foods I loved. I've lost 48 inches thanks to Herbalife, and I can't believe the control I have over my appetite. It's so wonderful!"

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Clarence Cousins
BEFORE:285 pounds
AFTER:180 pounds
TOTAL LOST:105 pounds*

Janet DeBusk
BEFORE:280 pounds
AFTER:137 pounds
TOTAL LOST:143 pounds*
Still slim after 2 years!


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