Creative Expressions
Hello Everyone, Thanks for stopping by. This is kinda my little gallery of things I like to do. I love to keep busy and do lots of things. Such as my charcoal drawings (animals & peoples' pets), painting figurines of all types, and making lawn ornaments out of plywood. This is just a few of the hobbies I have. So take a look around and enjoy.
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Hmm.............. how to find me I am,  fairydragoness2003 on Yahoo. If you catch me, then you are quick. I am not online to often. But you can give it a shot. .  Sorry, the page is so bland, haven't made one in years.
Majorly under construction, due to time, many links may not work. Still trying to upload pictures. My scanner isn't working right now. So please be patient.
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Charcoal Drawings

Lawn Dragons

Painted Ceramics and Cement


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