~~~~~Welcome to www.fairydust.tk's doll maker! You're welcome to make as many dolls here as you want and put them on your webpage, but if you do make a doll, link me please. (Buttons Below). All clothes, wings, and assesories where created by me. So don't steal them! Esp. the wings, because I worked really hard on the goth ones. The body bases where created by Emby Quinn, and edited by me.

~~~~~To make the dolls, click on the peice you want to use, and drag it into the pink or white square below. Once you have chosen the body, just add whatever clothes or accesories you want to your doll (Note: Not all peices will fit on every body. Some peices are made for one body only, and will look weird on the others).
~~~~~Once you are finished, hit the 'Print Screen' key on your keyboard, making sure the doll is in view (The print screen key is right next to F12). Then, open up a image editing program, such as paint or psp. Press 'Ctrl' then 'V' when you have the image editing program window up. The screen you created your doll on will apear. Cut out (crop) the picture of your doll, and save the image, then you're done! ^_^
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