Index and Acknowledgements

What follows is a transcript of the interview that played on Bravo Profiles in April 2001. I did my best to get it word for word (excluding some stuttering). I've divided it into several sections for easier reading, but kept the original sequence. Where it seems to jump is mostly because there was interspersed concert and video footage. I fully acknowledge Alan Yentob, David Bowie, the BBC, Bravo, and everyone else I don't know the names of who worked on it.

in conversation with Alan Yentob

Introduction and being a pop star at 50

On what he does best

On the song "Life on Mars"

On the origins of Ziggy Stardust

On otherness and touching with madness

On the 'difficult period' of 1975

1978 Arena BBC interview

On Brian Eno and the "New School of Pretention"

On his versatility, voice, and role models

On the album "Let's Dance"

On Tin Machine

On how he writes his songs

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