On the "Difficult Period" of 1975

The year is 1975, in a car on some nameless road David Bowie is listening to the radio and drinking milk out of the carton.

Yentob:Since you've been in America, you seem to have picked up alot of their idioms, and themes of American music and culture. How's that happened?

Bowie: There's a fly floating around in my milk. And it's a foreign body in it you see. And it's getting alot of milk. That's kind of how I feel. I'm a foreign body here, and I couldn't help soak it up, you know.

Back to modern day

Yentob: Again, going back to the difficult period for a second when we just talked about how...

Bowie: Oh, when weren't I? When weren't I? (smiles)

Yentob: But, I was just thinking, when I saw you again at that time...you were always an aesthete of course. It was white powder and white milk, I remember was your diet at that time.

Bowie:(grins) And green and red peppers was about what I ate.

Yentob: Probably the diet of a mugworm...William Burrows...

Bowie: You saw me in a good time. You saw me in a good time I would have you know. (still grinning)

Yentob: You were rehabilitating at that time.

Bowie: No,no, no, no. I was just starting my great voyage. (laughs)


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