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E-mail me if you would like to trade seeds or plants.
Since the time I began this trade site, my life and yard have undergone dramatic changes. The life, for the better, the yard... well... not so good. I've lost alot of plants and seeds. Below is a listing of what I have available and will GLADLY trade for anything listed on my "Wish List".
I'm sorry that I can no longer accept seeds in trades.
Yellow Louisiana Iris                         6 Trades             3 plants/trade

Spiral or Indian Head Ginger          10 Trades             3 plants/trade

White Butterfly Ginger                    12 Trades             3 plants/trade
~very fragrant~

Pinecone Ginger                               8 Trades             3 plants/trade

Spearmint                                          4 Trades             @ 6" pot

Lemon Balm                                      4 Trades             @ 6" pot

Yellow Brugmansia                          8 Trades            3 cuttings/trade

Peach Brugmansia                          12 Trades           3 cuttings/trade

Wyoming Canna                                3 Trades           3 plants/trade

Yellow Daylily                                    3 Trades           3 plants/trade

All of the items listed above, in my available trade list, will GLADLY be traded for the same amount of PLANTS, mixed or matched, of the following:

Shasta Daisy
Any Canna
Leatherleaf Fern (a.k.a. Florist or Rose Fern)
Daylily (other than yellow)
Brugmansia (other than peach or yellow)
Bird of Paradise
Rose of Sharon (Althea)
Butterfly Bush (any color)
Any Mondarda (bee balm)
Dutch Iris (any)
Crocosmia - "lucifer"
Agapanthus (lily of the nile)
Hibiscus (any) - including Disco Belle Mallow
E-Mail me with what you are interested in on my list.
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