By NeekerBreeker

JJ banged the door shut after him, making the cheramic Christmas elf hanging on it clatter dangerously.

"Two hours! Two friggin' hours in that, that wasp's nest, and I spent the better half trying to find a way to get OUT!" he moaned loudly, dropping the numerous paper bags from his hands and then raking his sweaty bangs off his face. "All those hyperventilating mothers and their yelling and squealing offspring, fighting for the last toaster or Barbie doll, while the sweating middle-aged fathers scream into their cell phones, trying to hear their own thoughts in that freaking *cacophony*--"

At that point of his rant, he noticed that Drake had come out of the living room and was leaning against the wall. He was looking at JJ with a mix of raw sympathy and amusement, waiting for him to finish.

"Next year you'll do the Christmas shopping," JJ ended the rant rather weakly and shrugged off his coat.

"I did *my* Christmas shopping this year," Drake said and came to wrap his arms securely round JJ, drawing him in for a warm kiss. His breath felt wonderful on JJ's wind-chilled skin.

"Oh yeah?" JJ smiled. "So what did you get me?"

"Hah, nice try. Hang up your coat." Drake let go of him and returned to the living room after giving him a peck on the forehead.

JJ put his coat and scarf into the closet and went after him, stretching languorously. He didn't know which ached more, his legs or his arms. He also couldn't feel his toes. Luckily Drake got cold so easily; he had cranked the heat up again, and after only a few minutes inside, JJ already felt warmer. Ah, home. There really was something to it.

If only that godawful Lynyrd Skynyrd wasn't playing. But he could allow Drake his music in the house if he got to play his own in the car, or the other way around.

"Here you go." Drake offered him a glass.

JJ blinked, then smiled widely as his defrosting brain recognized the liquor. "Oh, you read my mind." He slumped on the couch exhaustedly. "Thanks. You're such a darling."

Drake shrugged a little sheepishly and his eyebrows jumped upwards to form an innocent expression on his face. He poured some bourbon for himself and put the bottle on top of the drawer. "So did you find those gloves you were looking for? Or--"

"Please, Drake." JJ closed his eyes and leaned back, bringing his free hand to rub his temple. "Not just now. I'd like to forget the most traumatic experience of my life for a moment, okay?"

Drake laughed, deep in his throat, and came to sit next to him. "Drama queen."

Did Drake somehow radiate warmth, or was it just the bourbon? JJ was aware of his face getting hotter. His aching muscles slowly started to relax and he sank further into the couch cushions. "Mm, hush. Defrosting."

"I could help you with that."

Thank God, the record came to a halt. The wind howled outside, obviously furious because JJ had managed to escape its clutches. "Yeah?"

"Uh huh." Drake turned to face him and leaned his hand firmly against the back of the couch, trapping JJ into his embrace. JJ just barely had time to open one eye and squint at him before his exposed throat was attacked by a pair of very, very warm lips.

JJ squealed a little in delighted surprise. Drake pressed little kisses all over his skin, sending sparks of heat everywhere. And that was a very determined hand that was just crawling under his sweater and starting to tuck the shirt from his pants... The only thing that dampened the mood was the weight JJ felt in his limbs. He had run around all day, and although this was certainly nice - oh, *very* nice - he just couldn't find the energy to properly respond to Drake's loving treatment.

Involuntarily arching his back a little when Drake's tongue joined his lips, JJ muttered, "Drake... Drakey, listen--" He had to pause to gasp because Drake had just found a sweet spot behind his ear he hadn't even known he *had*. "...Hey, I'm *talking* to you - oh, that's nice..."

"'M listening," Drake murmured softly against JJ's skin, his fingers fumbling with JJs shirt ends.

JJ grabbed Drake's wandering hand and pulled it up to his mouth. He kissed the knuckles lightly and caught Drake's eye. "Drake, I'm sorry but I'm *really* exhausted. And my toes are frozen. I think you need to put me into the microwave first, or at least let me take a nap."

Drake's expression didn't change for a few seconds as he thought about it. Then he frowned a little, seemingly coming to a decision, pulled back and stood up. "Okay. Get up." He reached out his hand.

JJ looked up at him questioningly. Drake was hard to read when he put on his Trust Me, I'm A Cop face. But nevertheless, JJ allowed Drake to pull him to his feet. "What're you planning?" he asked in a hushed tone.

"I'm gonna tuck you in, of course. C'mere." Drake nodded towards the bedroom and the sweetest of smiles pulled at the corner of his mouth.

Sometimes JJ thought himself too lucky. He couldn't help the silly So-In-Love smile that threatened to split his jaw. He allowed Drake to lead him to the bedroom, stumbling over his numb, tired feet.

At the door, Drake pulled him close for a quick but thorough kiss. "Get rid of your clothes," he murmured, his voice low and so obviously scheming, "I'll pull back the covers."

JJ kissed him back, some of his usual liveliness returning upon hearing his favorite seductive drawl. "All of them?" he asked, quirking his eyebrow. "Exactly what are you intending to tuck in, detective?"

Drake chuckled. "You're just too suggestible. Go on, get to it." He turned his back on JJ and hastily threw the comforter off the bed.

Pulling his sweater over his head, JJ yawned. "I could grow some backbone if you just... let me sleep a bit."

He took off his pants and shirt and threw them over the chair in the corner, feeling Drake's eyes on him. He shuddered a bit, but only because he was freezing now. The bed was looking *really* inviting. He reached to open the drawer to get a fresh pair of pyjama pants, but was stopped by Drake, who wrapped his arms around him and pulled him away.

"Uh-uh. To bed with you." He kissed JJ's neck and easily turned him around.

"Oh c'mon, Drakey," JJ complained, snaking his arms round Drake's neck and putting on his best puppy dog face. "At least fetch me an extra blanket, then. I'm cold."

"Leave that to me," Drake insisted and pushed him gently onto the bed.

JJ quickly got under the covers, snuggling into the sheets. They smelled wonderfully fresh; Drake had apparently changed them.

*Atta boy...*

He settled in and made himself comfortable while Drake shrugged off his shirt. Drake's naked back always seemed to draw JJ's attention; he loved the way the muscles flexed under the skin when Drake moved his arms. Too mesmerized by the familiar yet enticing view to go to sleep yet, JJ leaned on his elbow and watched as Drake peeled off his blue jeans and climbed onto the bed next to him. Drake's eyes were a smoldering dark gray; they captured JJ's gaze like magnets.

"Now, then..." Drake said in a low voice, and JJ just *had* to kiss him, the damn seducer. "Just lie back and get comfy."

"I am," JJ said, rolling onto his back. "Though I'm still cold. I can't feel my toes." He scratched his stomach with his right hand, and reached out for Drake with his left.

Drake easily complied, settling himself under the covers and snuggling so close he could throw one leg over JJ's. His skin felt almost hot against JJ's own, and it sent sparkles of life through his numb feet. JJ made a few appreciative sounds and shuffled awkwardly to allow Drake to nuzzle his neck and chest. Drake apparently had other ideas, however, because his mouth traveled over JJ's collarbone to just under his chin, and took a detour from there to the earlobe, moving ever upwards.

JJ hummed a little, closing his eyes and welcoming the warmth and the touch. Drake's busy mouth finally found JJ's, and the kiss was sweet, if a little languid, since JJ was losing focus.

Unexpectedly, JJ yawned into the kiss. He tried to stifle it but failed, and opened his eyes to look apologetically at Drake.

Drake pulled back a little, smiling a crooked smile. "I hope that's not because I'm boring you," he said in that cursed low drawl that JJ had ages ago christened his bedroom voice, since that was where it was put to best use.

"You smart-ass," JJ muttered, and rubbed his sleepy eyes. "I'm just tired."

JJ could feel more than hear Drake's chuckles. "I'm cold, I'm tired, bitch, bitch, bitch. Throw me a bone here, will you? I'm on the job." He wrapped one arm securely around JJ and drew him flush against his chest, spooning him. The most wonderful warm feeling enveloped JJ. And he couldn't help squirming a little when Drake breathed against his ear, then started to nibble on the earlobe...

Drake was just so wonderfully patient. JJ could feel his cock poking at him, semi-erect and wanting to play, but he didn't move; just held JJ, allowing him to gradually warm up. He nuzzled JJ's neck and ear, nibbling here, licking there, and somewhere along the way, JJ found he wasn't actually *that* sleepy.

JJ cupped Drake's face with one hand and turned his head to kiss him. This time, he was more awake and aware of the faint taste of alcohol and gingerbread, and eagerly searched for more of it, mapping Drake's mouth with his tongue. He rolled around completely in Drake's arms to face him, and Drake let him, concentrating on burying his hand roughly into JJ's hair; thus keeping his head in place as he kissed him more and more deeply. JJ hooked his other leg over Drake's, which meant that they were pretty much locked together from the waist down. A lovely feeling was settling in JJ's stomach when Drake ran his hand down JJ's side and down to hungrily knead his ass.

"Lie on your back," Drake said huskily, pulling away just enough to be able to say it. He was breathing heavily against JJ's mouth.

JJ did as he was told, more than happy to let Drake do what he wanted. He was awake, but still didn't feel like doing anything strenuous, and Drake appeared to have picked up on that, bless him. Oh, and his mouth was moving downwards now, along JJ's collarbone to his shoulder... What a clever, clever tongue his lover had.

Drake lazily half-climbed over JJ, nibbling a trail from his shoulder to just above his left nipple. JJ hissed and tried very hard to concentrate enough to continue running his fingers across Drake's back. He thrust up, involuntarily, and Drake torturously thrust back, their erections meeting, teasing each other. Only slightly wavering, Drake reached out to tease JJ's right nipple with his fingers and palm as he bent down to gently suck on the other one. JJ practically ripped the boxer shorts off him and Drake kicked them off, continuing at the same maddeningly slow pace. But when JJ squirmed for enough room to pull down his own underwear, Drake grabbed his hand and led it away.

JJ made a disappointed moan. "C'mon... I can't take any of your slow torture tonight, could you *please* just get inside me already, Drake?"

Drake paused for a moment to look up at JJ's face. He was flushed and grinning. "Okay, okay... got a little distracted here, 's all." He reached down to slowly remove JJ's briefs, and JJ groaned appreciatively at the new freedom as he kicked them somewhere.

Drake kissed him with urgency. "Can you reach the night table?"

"Hold on... if you stop squashing me." JJ giggled at Drake who raised his eyebrow sarcastically, and fumbled around to grab the tube, knocking the alarm clock to the floor. It made a nasty crashing sound as it hit the floor. Drake's eyes flew in its direction.

JJ turned his head back. "Parker, eyes up here." He put the tube into Drake's hand. "Lube right here, its destination down there."

"You're so impatient," Drake complained half-heartedly as he pretty much emptied the tube into his hand, then tossed it away. "You're ruining my perfectly good Christmas seduction attempt."

"I just wasn't informed this seduction attempt would include tantric se-- ah!" JJ arched his back as he felt Drake run a lubed finger up the underside of his cock, halting to tease the sensitive skin just under the head with his thumb as he wrapped his hand around the shaft.

After a little shuffling, Drake ended up kneeling between JJ's legs, mercilessly stroking down JJ's cock and then moving downwards determinedly. JJ threw his head back and no longer even paid heed to how much noise he was making, just closed his eyes and let himself know nothing but Drake's hands and his soft panting - Drake never was too vocal in bed, so JJ had become accustomed to paying attention to the slightest little sound.

JJ suddenly felt Drake's breath on his cheek and opened his eyes a little.

"Ready?" Drake asked in a husky whisper, and for an answer, JJ captured his mouth in a heated kiss and wrapped his legs clumsily round Drake's waist.

Drake followed his movement surprisingly quickly, supported himself on his hands and gently pushed in, right to the hilt, taking a moment before starting to move. JJ gasped and bit his lip hard to keep his noise to the minimum, his hands groping the sheets for something to grasp. Drake was slowly but surely building up the most delicious rhythm, and JJ eagerly met his movements as best he could. Patience started to wear off of Drake's body language and hungry demand kick in, and JJ welcomed it whole-heartedly.

Changing the angle slightly, Drake leaned close and kissed JJ, capturing his wandering hand and pushing it down to the mattress next to JJ's shoulder, lacing his fingers tightly with JJ's. JJ hardly even noticed, because the new angle meant Drake was now meeting his prostate with each stroke, and his pace was quickening... Oh, he was just too good. Drake wasn't the quickest to learn, but when he finally did, he never forgot. It was just one of the Drakisms that JJ loved so much.

Kissing became impossible because JJ couldn't help writhing, and not even Drake's mouth on his could keep back the breathy moans. He muttered how good Drake felt, how hot his skin was, how he loved the taste of gingerbread on Drake's tongue; anything and everything he came to think about.

Drake groaned, deep in his throat, and his lips formed a few words as his eyes slipped shut. He thrust a few times, roughly and deeply, and came, burying his face into the hollow of JJ's throat, his breath cool on JJ's sweaty skin. JJ let his legs fall on the bed, only now realizing that the muscles hurt, and Drake rolled on his side. JJ looked at him pleadingly, teetering on the edge. Drake claimed his mouth and kissed him so deeply that JJ forgot to breathe... or it could've just been because Drake's hand moved between them to firmly stroke JJ's rock-hard cock. A shudder went through JJ, shaking him down to his core, and he came, his fingers burying themselves into Drake's back. All the tension fled his body in one incredible wave, and for an endless moment, everything went white as snow.

When JJ wearily opened his eyes, he saw that Drake had rolled onto his back, pulling JJ partially over him. He had apparently also drawn the covers over them, and was now breathing deeply. JJ smiled fondly and leaned on his elbow, playing lazily with Drake's sweaty bangs. Drake stirred but didn't open his eyes. He reached out to pull JJ into a bear-hug, sighing contentedly into his hair.

JJ didn't feel at all sleepy anymore; on the contrary, all his senses seemed to have awakened. He nuzzled close to Drake, his fingers toying with everything they could reach, which was mostly Drake's chest hair. Drake smelled pleasantly of cologne and sweat.

"I love you, y'know," JJ said softly, the words tumbling out of their own accord. Yet, they didn't seem like the wrong ones. No, quite fitting, at the moment.

It was silent for a moment, but Drake was breathing pretty lightly, so JJ was sure he had heard him and not fallen asleep. JJ, ears pricked up and every nerve tingling, listened to the sounds of the night-time New York, seeming to come from a whole different world. A colder world, where it was snowing and windy instead of snuggly and comfortable.

"Yeah," Drake finally murmured into JJ's hair in a serious tone. "I do know."

Something warm fluttered in JJ's chest. "Mm-hmm. So, what *was* it that you got me for Christmas?"

Drake's hold tightened for a moment. "Mm, hush, JJ. I'm exhausted."

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