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Travis Bickle's Bad Day
My list of the greatest books and films ever made

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Another webpage of bad poetry and song lyrics on the internet

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The Last Word
Political commentary, current events, cynicism, and biased opinions

Welcome To Hell. You will find here written out on the walls of 7 different realms various manifestations of my thoughts, views, opinions, etc. The real world doesn't allow much time for independent thought or expression of these ideas. With work and all the other shit going on in my life I hardly have time to think at all. So for this reason, and simply out of boredom, I have created this page as a forum for these thoughts. About myself. I am a behavioral health specialist and case manager with a fairly useless graduate degree in industrial-orginaizational psychology from a very good school. My interests include computers, film, politics, writing, reading philosophy and history, planning world domination, and listening to hardcore death metal and Pink Floyd. I live in Saratoga Springs NY which is a cross between a trendy summer camp for rich fucks, the ghetto of Albany, Schenectady, Troy and typical suburban small town America. Between working 40 hours a week, drinking, playing playstation, and disposing of the bodies of my victims, I don't have a lot of free time to update this page. But I will be updating as often as possible. There are a lot of links below. In 5 years of looking around, these are the most interesting sites which I have encountered. That's it for now. Watch for updates and there's an E-Mail address below for any questions, complaints, or death threats which you may care to express. Have fun. Bye.


- January 23, 2006-

Hey fuckers. This is probably going to be my last update. For all intents and purposes this site is done. I completed most of the updates I wanted to in six months of intense labor. The code has all been updated for the most part and I fixed a lot of the graphics and developed some fucking awesome backgrounds. At this point the only thing I can do to improve shit around here is learn CSS coding and pay for a real site instead of letting geocities consistently ruin this one. I havenít got the fucking time or patience to devote to learning all the new gay computer geek shit thatís supposedly changing the face of the internet. It all seems like bullshit to me. HTML was simple and efficient and made sense. I canít even begin to understand or care about this new shit that makes what was previously one line of code into 20 different kinds of fucking codes. Iím not getting paid for this and I have better things to do. On my second point, Geocities has fucking raped this site for all itís worth by throwing up ad banners that take up half my page and limiting my bandwidth to the point where the site is down every single time I check it. To that end, Iím mirroring this site in Angelfire and updating all the links so they will lead there. That will break up some of the bandwidth and allow my backgrounds to stay and serve as my final fuck you to geocities. I was going to pay for a domain name and private site, but Geocities strong arming me by fucking up the free site Iíve had for years doesnít exactly give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about giving them my money to get their shit off my page. I never wanted a pay site. Like I said in my last update, when I started this page seven years ago the point was just to get a free site to make fun of shit and talk about drinking and death metal. I was 21 then, in college with no responsibilities, drinking heavily and going to shows every weekend. Iím 29 now, have a full time job and a kid and a lot of fucking bills. The last thing Iím interested in doing is adding a perpetual expense to my budget as protection money so Geocities doesnít shut this site down. And honestly I could fucking care less. I donít have the time to write reviews or update as much anymore and most of what I have to say has already been posted. I might do some updates to Lyrical Warfare because I just started that page and thereís only a couple of reviews so far. The rest of the site is more or less done though and I donít feel the need to keep updating just for the sake of updating. For anyone still interested in any of this shit, I have a profile and some additional info, possibly a blog, started at Iíll also be spending some time with my industrial death metal project 20 Days Of Darkness. Look for the name because itís gonna be bigger than the Beatles. Weíll all be fucking supermodels, shooting up, and blowing rails off of platinum CDs a year from now. I just downloaded like $10,000 worth of mixing boards, and synth, guitar, and drum effect programs for free. Limewire bitches. There might be a site at once we get some fucking songs written. So thatís basically it for this site. It was fun for a while. Remember donít trust the government, the far right are an exciting mixture of incompetent religious freaks and truly dangerous people, and the far left are a bunch of shrill, whiny, hypocritical bitches who would be just as dangerous if they were in power. Choose your own path in life. And that bullshit that clear channel plays is not fucking metal. Iíll leave you with my final reviews for 2006. Acid Bath is and always will be the coolest fucking band that ever existed. They only released two albums so it would be pretty hard for you to fuck this up. Go and buy both of those CDs, drop a couple tabs and put that shit on repeat for about ten hours. You can thank me later. For people who still listen to the radio, pay attention because Tool is the most important mainstream band playing today and Maynard's been holed up somewhere for months working on a new album. Anything they release is going to be the best album of 2006. All That Remains is the best band playing in the underground right now, they are truly talented and would be huge if anyone had the balls to play real metal on the radio, take my word and buy anything they put out because it's going to slay these other poser commercial metal bands. Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath are the most important bands ever to exist, you should already own everything they put out even that weak shit when it was only Tony Iommi in the band or when David Gilmour was trying to sound like Dire Straits. That shit is better than 90% of the records you will ever buy. Throw out your Slipknot and Staind albums and pick up as many Mercyful Fate and King Diamond records as you can find and listen to that shit over and over. Homeboyís a certified member of the church of satan, has a four octave vocal range, still rocks the corpsepaint, and has been doing the same shit for 25 years regardless of trends. Thatís fucking metal. Later bitches.

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Conspiracy Theorists And Other Freaks

Interesting Homepages

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Gold Links - The sites highlighted in gold are personal favorites, the best of the sites listed here.

Underground Zines And Independent Writing

Fitshaced Magazine
Some truly dark humor, not for the weak minded or easily offended. Read the Ebonics Bible, the Nightmare On Sesame Street trilogy, and find out why MTV sucks and Gwen Stefani needs to die. In my opinion the undisputed heavyweight champion of underground literature. Unfortunately now only available in the quickprint version, click on the links at the bottom of the page when you get there.

The Hooligan
Insightful and bitter commentary on politics and culture from Denver, Colorado.

Metal Sludge
Highly entertaining site dedicated to making fun of bad metal bands. I suggest starting with the Exposed section to see the photographic evidence how your favorite trendy alternative band used to have big poofy hair and wear leather pants in the 80's. Then check out the 20 Questions section to see them ask the guy from Warrant why he's 300 pounds and has a mohawk now.

Ruthless Reviews
Great independent review and forum site dedicated to movies, music, society, making fun of politicians and entertainers, worshipping bad 80s action movies, and Charles Fucking Bronson. Motherfucker. The best writing that I have read on the internet in years. Be sure to check out the top 20 most ridiculous black metal pictures section. You can't make this stuff up.

Thirsty And Miserable
Metal Sludge column from Iann Robinson, a very pissed off former MTV VJ with strong opinions on what real music should be about. Read "A Time To Die", "Could America Be That Stupid", and "50 Things I Hate" where he viciously attacks at least 20 worthless trendy fucks and simultaneously lays waste to an entire scene of fucking posers.

Vice Online
Extremely amusing and surprisingly educational zine with a lot of content in the back issues. Generally dedicated to mocking society but also includes music reviews for some reason. Check out the various Vice Guides for enlightenment on a wide range of subjects. Also the Do's and Don'ts section where they photograph random people on the street and then make fun of them. Fucking hilarious.

Indie rock elitists from California explain why you and all your favorite bands suck. I don't always agree with what they write but at least they are always pretty entertaining in the way they write it. The buddyhead gossip column is a good place to start here.

The Warped Humor Section

A.C. Lyrics
Complete lyrics from Anal Cunt, the greatest band ever to exist on earth.
Consistently showing us that creativity isn't necessarily a good thing.

The Dialectizer
Instantly convert any webpage into Redneck, Ebonics, Elmer Fudd and other fucked up languages. I can't get this to work on the CIA homepage but I will keep trying.

The Filthy Critic's Movie Reviews
This guy should definitely be on Ebert's show. How many film critics do you know that would start a review with a line like "Rob Schneider you are one dead motherfucker when I find you." That's the way it should be done. I love this site.

The Killing Barney Fun Page
Choose your weapon and get to work.
Warped humor and interactive destruction and mayhem. Where else on the internet can you shoot Teletubbies with a magnum. Download Shockwave before you go to this site.

This is really really funny.

Bitch Slapping Evil For Jesus.

Stick Figure Death Theatre
Some people are just not right in the head.

Conspiracy Theorists And Other Freaks

The CIA Education Site
These fucking guys are just asking to have all their computers and shit confiscated by our friends in black.

The CIA Homepage
I will probably get on some secret list for putting this link up, but it's definitely worth the trouble. Be sure to click on the CIA homepage for kids. It is by far the most entertaining part of this site. Its all fun and games until someone gets their regime overthrown.

Michael Moore Online
Very entertaining and extremely portly conspiracy freak.

The Moon Landing Hoax
This is really classic conspiracy theory. Not only was the moon landing faked, but Stanley Kubrick directed it in exchange for access to alien technology from Roswell.

The Smoking Gun
The ultimate scandal and conspiracy theory site.
The former u.f.o. and paranormal database, officially shut down but still a very worthwhile comprehensive conspiracy theory site.

Third World Traveler
Revisionist history and real world politics. Many quotes, links, and about three chapters of Zinn's History of the US.

Urban Mining Co.
Conspiracies, folklore, myths, hoaxes and legends.

Interesting Homepages
I'm not sure what they're trying to do here but this site is fucking hilarious. Just read the letters from the people who wrote in thinking this was a serious site and tell me that's not some quality shit.
Offical homepage of the man behind Answer Me and The Redneck Manifesto.

Ken Wohlrob's Homepage
Entertaining social and political commentary. Dedicated mostly to pointing out idiots and exposing hypocrisy in politics and culture from the original creator of Bully Magazine.

The Naked And The Ugly
This is some funny shit.

Seth Putnam's Homepage
The homepage of Seth Putnam, the genuis behind the bands Anal Cunt and Impaled Northern Moon Forest. This guy fucking rules.

Southern Vermont College
My old college.

Industrial Psychology Papers
The webpage I designed for R.P.I. when I did some post graduate work there. A couple of years worth of Industrial psychology research papers posted online. I have no idea why anyone would want to read this.

Extreme Music

Albany Hardcore
A lot of good bands although the site hasn't updated in five years.
Complete information on most bands that ever existed.

Black And Doom Metal Pages
Nice collection of reviews for a lot of black metal bands along with some good links to other sites.

Capital District's Hardest Bands
Albany NY hardcore site with links info and pictures of many good bands from this area. Hasn't updated since around 1997, and therefore contains all the info on classic Albany bands.

The Clay People
Albany's finest industrial metal band.
Lyrics for hundreds of good bands.

East Coast Hardcore Shows
Complete listings of all upcoming shows for most of the northeast U.S.

Equal Vision Records
More hardcore than you may ever need.

In Strife
News, videos, and reviews for many hardcore bands.

Just Another Scene
Extensive New England site divided into states.
GWAR. What the fuck else can you say really.

New York Hardcore
Good site with much information on upstate NY bands and shows.

Swedish death metal at its finest.

Pitchfork Media
Indie rock nerds review 10,000 bands you've never heard of. Includes interviews and in depth features.

Satan Stole My Teddy Bear
Reviews releases from hundreds of bands.

Scenester Online
Hardcore website with a lot of new england and upstate content.

Silent Stagnation
Live videos from a ton of quality hardcore and metal bands.

Skeletal Circus
Website devoted to Dax Rigg's musical projects, including Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion and Deadboy. Contains audio and video clips of tons of good shit.

Brutal death metal from Saratoga Springs NY.

Psychotic Boston hardcore band.

Solid State Records
Home to many good bands such as Zao, Living Sacrifice, and Few Left Standing.
Nerds talking about songs.

Step Up Presents
The place to go for Albany hardcore, they run everything around here.

Sworn To The Black
Evil homepage from Denmark. Very good taste in black metal and other heavy bands with many links. All hail the dark lord.

365 Lyric Page
Complete lyrics for pretty much every band that you could think of.

Wonderdrug Records
Boston Hardcore Label. All of these bands are great.

Albany straightedge site

Christian death metal from the hills of West Virgina. These guys are fucking brutal.

Other Stuff

Dark Side Of The Rainbow
Dark side of the moon/ Wizard of oz synchronization site. Over 100 similarities. Try this at your next party at about 2 AM.

Roger Ebert's Review Page
Kick ass movie review website.

Jump The Shark
Looking for the exact moment when your favorite TV show turned into total shit before your eyes. On this site 100,000 geeks with way too much time on their hands can tell you precisely when that was. I don't know why but I could spend hours reading this.

Kubrick On The Web
Complete archive of work from the best filmmaker of our time.

My new full time hobby.
Quality reviews and information on hundreds of good films.

Questions Complaints And Death Threats


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