Earl Cain

Click here to read the disclaimer, spoiler warnings, a brief introduction to Earl Cain, and some thoughts on Cain fan fiction.

    Bad Omens: A Good Omens crossover. Aziraphale and Crowley do Victorian England.

    Cane: How the Cain got his cane.

    Chess: Sometimes Cain plays chess with Death.

    Detonate: Cain converses briefly with Newt, who has apparently travelled back in time. Guess which part of the future interests Cain. Newt is borrowed from Good Omens.

    Bright Eyes: Jezebel gets his wish. Drabble.

    Silly Buggers: A sorrily titled Cain/Riff ficlet. "Cain/Riff" in the sense of interaction, not hot cane sex (sorry!). For morgan.

    Cain Says: Filk, to the tune of "Jane Says." Because I'm weird like that.