Good Omens

Click here to read the disclaimer, spoiler warnings, a brief introduction to Good Omens, and some thoughts on GO fan fiction.

    Bad Omens: An Earl Cain crossover. Aziraphale and Crowley do Victorian England.

    East of Eden: Cain and Abel have strange babysitters; Crowley pokes theology wiv a stick.

    All Better: Hell breaks its traitors. Heaven fixes them.

    Apples: Adam is wise. Because slash is good and that line just begged for this . . .

    Trick or Treat: Another horror fic. Set, appropriately, during Halloween. I really have no excuse for the ending. Shame, shame.

    Far From Heaven: Sorry about the title. Aziraphale drops by to visit Raziel of Lamb. Er. A Lamb crossover, obviously.

    Hells Like White Elephants: . . . This won't make sense no matter how I explain it. Uh. Hemingway. He wrote a short story called "Hills Like White Elephants." And I have too much free time. Drabble.

    Sanctuary: Aziraphale lends assistance, of a sort.

    Detonate: Cain converses briefly with Newt, who has apparently travelled back in time. Newt is only peripherally involved in the ficlet, but oh well. Crossover with Earl Cain.

    Coalition: The angel and the demon wonder who's responsible for this war with Iraq, anyway.

    Pamphlets: Door-to-door evangelists target Aziraphale.

    Angels Online: Crowley introduces Aziraphale to the wonders of the Internet.