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Gen 18:
Richard Beltoft died before 1510 in England.

Gen 17:
Laurence Beltoft was born 1490/1495 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England and died 02 Feb 1544. Lawrence married Christian 18 Feb 1519.

Gen 16:
Richard Beltofte Belknap was born about 1520 in England and died 02 Dec 1599 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertsfordshire, England. He married Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was born about 1539.

Gen 15:
Bennet Beltoft Belknap was born before 1558. He died May 1624. Bennet married Grace Adam on 28 May 1586 in Sawbridgeworth, England.
Grace Adam was born before 26 Nov 1561 in Sawbridgeworth, England. She died 29 Oct 1630 in Sawbridgeworth, England. Grace was the daughter of Elizabeth and Jerome (Heirom) Adam.

Gen 14:
Abraham Belknap was born 10 Mar 1589/1590 in Sawbridgeworth, County Hertford, England. He died Sep 1643 in Lynn, Massachusetts, U. S. A.. Abraham married Mary Stallion.
Mary Stallion was born 24 Dec 1595 in North Weald, Latton, Essex, England. She died Wft Est. 1634-1690 in Prob. Lynn, MA. Mary was the daughter of Mary (Dalton) and Thomas Stallion.

Gen 13:
Samuel Belknap was born Mar 1627/1628 in North Weald, Essex. He died 1731. Samuel married Sarah Jones about 1652.
Sarah Jones was born 1631 in Reading, Berkshire. She died Apr 1689. Sarah was the daughter of Elizabeth (Sloane) and Robert Jones.

Gen 12:
Ebenezer Belknap was born Dec 1667. He died 17 Nov 1762 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, U.S. Ebenezer married Hanna Ayer on 25 Feb 1690/1691 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, U.S.
Hanna Ayer was born 19 Dec 1672 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, U.S. She died 17 Nov 1779 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, U.S. Hanna was the daughter of Turmesin (Turloar) and Nathaniel Ayer.

Gen 11:
Samuel Belknap Sr. was born about 1703 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, U.S. He died 8 Jun 1757 in Windsor, Hartford, Massachusetts, U.S. Samuel married Mary Dickinson on 9 Jul 1723.
Mary Dickinson was born 29 Nov 1703 in Rowley, Massachusetts, U.S. She died 8 Jun 1759. Mary was the daughter of Mary (Wood) and James Dickinson.

Gen 10:
Samuel Belknap Jr. was born 13 Jun 1731 in Enfield, Connecticut, U.S. He died 18 Jun 1775 in Bunker Hill, Massachusetts, U.S. Samuel, married Mary Newton on 19 Jun 1754 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Mary Newton was born 8 Nov 1737 in East Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.

Gen 9:
Stephen Belknap was born 28 Jun 1769 in Belchertown, Hampden, Mass. He died Dec 1814 in Burlington Bay, Ontario, Canada. Stephen married Eleanor Ellen Middeaugh on Wft Est. 1788-1831.
Eleanor Ellen Middeaugh was born about 1798 in Pennsylvania. She died Wft Est. 1816-1882 in Lexington, Michigan age 78.

Gen 8:
Susannah Belknap was born 23 May 1813 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She died 10 Apr 1887 in Delaware Twp, Sanilac County, Michigan and was buried in Snay Cemetery, Delaware Twp., Michigan. Susannah married John Armstrong Jr. on 25 Jul 1830.
John Armstrong Jr. was born 19 Mar 1786 in Canada. He died 1 Mar 1866 in Delaware Twp., Sanilac Co., Michigan and was buried in Snay Cemetery, Delaware Twp., Michigan.