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Steve, Cindy, Jason, Nathan, Andrea, and Kristen are serving God and others in Porterville, California, USA. We would like to get to know you. Click here to view our family. Come visit us at our homepages: Steve... Cindy... Jason... Nate... Andrea... and Kristen. You may send us e-mail at our individual addresses or the address listed below. Please sign our guestbook. You may also complete a brief survey. Alternate site location--click here.

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Visit our separate sections for web pages of family and friends, "where's Porterville, CA", our new house, family history, events, missionary and family ventures, getting to know God, family news, railroads, organizations and house churches.

Here's a brief family history: Steve attended Orange High School; Cindy attended Gardena High School. Steve works for Porterville Unified Schools; Cindy worked for the Porterville Evangelical Free Church and for Burton Schools. She is currently working on her master's degree and license to serve as a Marriage & Family Therapist. She's studying at the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. Jason attended Porterville College Porterville College and works for Save Mart Supermarket. Nate attends Porterville College. Both Jason and Nate graduated from St.Anne's School, and Andrea attends William Buckley School. Cindy and Steve met while attending Biola College and Talbot Seminary. We fellowship with the Tule River Christian Fellowship.


Family News * Andrea's NEW Gate website * Summer 2001 * Cindy's art * June 10, 2001--twenty-three year anniversary for Cindy and Steve!

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