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After seeing the Nazi-Islam resemblance, you may know that Hitler and his fellow Nazis thugs tried to exterminate the Serbians. This reminds us former president Clinton who tried the same:


Most anti-terrorism websites are widely devoted to the Israeli-Arab, India-Muslim, USA-Muslim conflicts, but one of the most important histories regarding Islamic terrorism besides these countries, is without a doubt that of Serbia. Only a few countries (like India) in the world have suffered so much of Islamic terrorism, yet, due to the western aid to Muslims in Yugoslavia, Islamic terrorism against Serbia is kept from the public as much as possible and with extraordinary success. Former president Milosevic is blamed for basically everything that went wrong in Yugoslavia during his presidency but how much is this true? have the Muslims been finally on the right side that time? Here on the Facts About Muslims you will be answered!

Yugoslavia is a former country that was under lead of Serbia and it broke up in 1991.

Short history: The first inhabitants of Yugoslavia were the Illyrians, who were followed by the Celts in the 4th century BC and the Romans 100 years later. In the middle of the 6th century AD, Slavic tribes crossed the Danube and occupied much of the Balkan Peninsula. In 1217 the Serbian Kingdom asserted its independence from Byzantium, but in 1389 the Islamic Ottoman Empire cut that little party short, invading Serbia and settling in for the next 500 years. For 500 years, the Serbians fought Islamic terrorism! Throughout the 19th century the Serbs began to regain power and by 1878 they'd regained their independence.

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Meanwhile the Islamic Ottoman Empire thugs invaded most of the Balkans, including Albania and Bosnia in the 14th century, which the Ottoman thugs successfully converted to Islam.

In the First Balkan War (1912) they joined forces with Greece and Bulgaria to liberate Macedonia from the Muslim Turks. In the Second Balkan War (1913) they tried to take Macedonia from Bulgaria. In 1914 Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia and triggered WWI. When the dust cleared, Croatia, Slovenia, Vojvodina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia joined forces to form the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. As this didn't fit across the bottom of an envelope, the name was changed to Yugoslavia.

In 1941 (during World War 2), the Nazis thugs invaded Yugoslavia, slicing the defeated country's capital city, Belgrade, up and handing out shares to Germany, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria. Hundreds of thousands of Serbs and Jews were massacred by the newly-installed Croatian puppet regime. Albanian Muslims came flooding in the Kosovo region of Serbia as either squatters or refugees.

Yugoslavia kept its independence after WWII, thanks to the immense wartime efforts of its partisans, and in 1945 the Communist Party, under Josip Tito, came to power. Bosnia-Hercegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia were granted republic status, the monarchy was abolished and Yugoslavia became a federal republic. During his presidency, Tito walked a fine line between the superpowers, remaining unaligned with the West or the Stalinist Soviet Union. Tito allowed many Muslims from Albania to settle in Kosovo as refugees. In the Tito era, for the first time since World War I, Bosnian Muslims received official recognition of their separate identity (i.e. they were no longer forced to declare themselves as Serbs or Croats). Bosnia and its people had suffered terribly during the war, but the city of Sarajevo had once again emerged physically unscathed; it became the center of a cultural and economic revival. Although development in Bosnia lagged behind the levels attained by the more prosperous republics, in the decades following the end of the war Bosnia was transformed from a largely agricultural backwater into a modern, industrialized society. Public worship and religiously-based customs were discouraged or banned outright under Tito's rule (this affected Islam as severely as it did the Christian denominations), but there was fairly broad freedom of cultural expression, as long as it did not appear to pose a political threat.

Slobodan Milosevic

In 1986 Slobodan Milosevic (one year after Tito died) became the president of Yugoslavia. In June 1991, Slovenia and the old Nazi's pupper country Croatia illegally declared themselves independent. The federal army was sent into Slovenia, while the EC rapidly introduced sanctions in an effort to head off civil war. Within a month the troops were out of Slovenia, but fighting had picked up pace in Croatia, where thousands died before a UN-brokered cease fire in January 1992. The EC recognised Croatian and Slovenian independence, whereupon Macedonia and Bosnia-Hercegovina also demanded recognition.

Following international recognition of Croatian and Slovene independence (January 1992) and news that Macedonia's secession was imminent, the elected government of Bosnia-Herzegovina saw a chance to establish an Islamic government and thus, a plebiscite on independence was held in Bosnia-Herzegovina in late February 1992. The Serb nationalist called for a boycott, but participation was high. The Bosnian Muslims voted for independence to establish an Islamic state out of Bosnia.

Bosnian woman

After two days of Bosnia's declaration of independence, April 7, 1992, Bosnia-Herzegovina's independence had been officially recognized by the United States and by most European countries. On May 22, 1992, Bosnia-Herzegovina was admitted as a full member of the United Nations. But an arms embargo, imposed on all of the former Yugoslavia by the UN (in 1991, at the request of the Belgrade government, and since then maintained at the insistence of the US and its Western European allies), has in effect barred the internationally recognized Bosnian government from acquiring the means to exercise its right to self-defense, guaranteed under the UN Charter. Terrorists/Muslims from Islamic countries got access to Bosnia to help the Bosnian Muslims in their Jihad.

Hamas Muslim announces support for Bosnian Muslims

The United States, under lead of Bill Clinton, and the UN knew that Bosnia was still part of Yugoslavia, and they knew Yugoslavian military bases and many other Yugoslavian governmental establishments were installed in Bosnia. Have you ever seen a province being officially recognized as a country? and being admitted as a full member of the United Nations? look closely to the situation, by admitting Bosnia into the UN, any non-UN military in Bosnia would be answered with war by the UN and USA and that was the plain and simple reason why Yugoslavia province was admitted into the UN and officially recognized as a country, even though it was from a being country. Most country spent years of work to be admitted into the UN because there are certain requirements to comply with before being an UN member. But these things didn't count for Bosnia and why would it? NATO and the USA considered to launch a major nuclear genocide war against Serbians twenty years, ago. Bosnia would only give them a chance to begin a genocide after all. If you have noticed it, since the still-Yugoslavian Bosnia was given the status of being an UN country, the UN would automatically have access to launch a war against Yugoslavia (esp. Serbia). War was for this reason inevitable. The UN Security Council passed a sweeping package of sanctions against Yugoslavia and warships were sent to the Adriatic. Although it was officially a war, it was more of a genocide wars because there was all kinds of people living across Yugoslavia. Croats began a genocide against the Bosnians and Serbians. The UN, USA, and Bosnians began a genocide against the Serbians, while the Bosnians always began a genocide against other non-Muslims. Serbs began a genocide against the Bosnians.

Arab-Muslim volunteers join Islamic terrorist groups in Kosovo to fight the Serbians

If you look on the internet for this period in the Bosnia war, you will not find it! most websites (even governmental) skip this part of the war from writing it down because it exposes so much about the USA and UN and the real meaning of the Bosnia war that no matter how you try to write it down, you cannot ignore that for one, Bosnia was illegally admitted into UN to begin a war against the Serbians, and secondly, the USA was interested in helping the Bosnians except for helping them in their Jihad against Serbia. By the end of 1996, a Yugoslav-Croat peace treaty had been signed, Bosnia had been divided between Serbs and Croat-Muslims.

Arab Muslims burn the flag of Yugoslavia/Serbia

In March 1998, trouble flared again in Kosovo. The Serbia's region's majority Muslim Albanians declared Jihad against Serbia becauseKosovo is a Serbian region that was never part of Albania and Kosovo is for this reason, without a government and thus, only via war could Kosovo have an Islamic government. The Contact Group (USA, Britain, Russia, Germany, France and Italy), introduced a new arms embargo on Yugoslavia (which was then Serbia and Montenegro) to force Serbia/Yugoslavia to give Kosovo to Albania.

Just like in Israel, where the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) terrorist group is made to establish an Islamic state, in Kosovo there is the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) terrorist group, who began to fight with the Serbian army after the new embargo of the Contact group on Yugoslavia. Which normal country would give their land to another country? which normal country would allow terrorist groups to kill their citizens?

Muslims from terrorists organizations in Bosnia (including Al-Qaeda), traveled to Kosovo and in early1999, the USA (under lead of president Bill Clinton) and the UN-NATO began a massive genocide war against the Serbians. Not only were terrorist groups, like Al-Qaeda, and the KLO were massacring Serbians, the USA and UN countries joined the Jihad all together.

Thousands and thousands of Serbians were killed in Kosovo. The USA helped the Albanian Muslims to get rid of all Serbians in Kosovo. For a while Russia and China threatened the USA to stop their massacres against the Serbians, that would result in World War 3 (the USA put the world at risk for Muslims?). Doesn't that remind us for World War 2? when Hitler tried to exterminate the Serbians?

You may asking yourself now, didn't Milosevic do anything wrong? take a look around this website, have you seen these pictures on the news? the media only shows you pictures and scenes of the supposed "Muslim victims". Of course, Milosevic was no saint, but compared to Bill Clinton and all those other politicians, he was the less worst.

Less than 2 years after the Kosovo war, the USA was attacked by Muslims! as the matter of fact, those Muslims were from Al-Qaeda! keep in mind: the USA helped Al-Qaeda terrorists to fight the Russians in Afghanistan they called Al-Qaeda "freedom fighters" but and they called the Serbian government bigots for saying that Al-Qaeda Muslims are terrorists. After the 9-11 attacks, the USA suddenly labels Al-Qaeda as a terrorist organization!

Check out these two flags, they are proposed and created by Albanian Muslims for the Balkans! See anything familiar in the flags? How about the Islam signs?

The Albanian Muslim terrorism continues. Even though Kosovo was never made an Islamic state, Albanian Muslims in Macedonia and Montenegro make regularly headlines. It's not just Kosovo they want! they want all of the Balkans! including neighboring Greece ;)

Even after the 9-11 attacks, Clinton is still in support of Muslims! click here to read more about Clinton's support for Islam (remember than Clinton had a chance to kill Bin Ladin but he didn't). Click here for a COMMON SENSE ON KOSOVO AND AMERICA'S MURDEROUS TRUTH IN SERBIA!


India is one of the most oldest civilizations in the world but one of the first to endure Muslim terrorism. Muslims  divination

Let's take a look at what the museums in India are showing about India's history:

Here are numerous pictures on great Sikh martyrs being tortured to death by Muslims (Moguls) armies and Muslim kings. People of Bharat should never forget what these mighty Sikhs have gone through.

Bhai Dayala Ji being boiled alive by the Muslim Moguls 1675 A.D
Bhai Mani Singh ji - Click here to read how he was cut joint by joint for refusal to accept Islam.
Bhai Taru Singh ji being scalped alive for refusal to accept Islam.
More at Hindu Unity.

The Indus Valley civilization, one of the oldest in the world, goes back at least 5,000 years. Aryan tribes from the northwest invaded about 1500 B.C.; their merger with the earlier inhabitants created the classical Indian culture. Arab Muslim incursions starting in the 8th century and Turkish in 12th were followed by European traders beginning in the late 15th century. By the 19th century, Britain had assumed political control of virtually all Indian lands. Nonviolent resistance to British colonialism under Mohandas GANDHI and Jawaharlal NEHRU led to independence in 1947. The subcontinent was divided into the secular state of India and the Muslim state of Pakistan. A third war between the two countries in 1971 resulted in East Pakistan becoming the separate nation of Bangladesh. Fundamental concerns in India include the ongoing dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir, massive overpopulation, environmental degradation, extensive poverty, and ethnic and religious strife, all this despite impressive gains in economic investment and output.

But the Muslim terror didn't stop! Now, the Muslims want Kashmir and Jammu too! like steeling Pakistan and Bangladesh from India wasn't enough!

Kashmir (also known as Cashmere) and Jammu are regions in south-west India. Muslims claim that Kashmir belongs to them (just like they claim that the whole world belongs to them).

This picture on the left shows a Hindu man trying to go home from work in Pakistan. On his way, a few Muslims captured him and tortured him - just for not being Muslim!

Ever head of "acid attacks" ??? Well, that's something all ya woman awaits who lives in a country who has Muslim citizens! Acid attacks are one of those things Muslims like do: The picture below shows a Christian girl, named Gulnaz. She is now blind in her right eye because she rejected the sexual advances of a Muslim! VOM News—Faisalabad, Pakistan, The Voice of the Martyrs has learned more about the horrific acid attack against a 17-year old Christian girl in Pakistan July 15th. According to VOM sources, Gulnaz was attacked with acid at her workplace one day after refusing the sexual advances of a Muslim customer. Gulnaz was a clerk at the Ijaz Public Call office in Faisalabad and says she slapped the face of Mohammed Tariq when he attempted to fondle her. She say Tariq stormed out of the office saying that he would return to “teach her a lesson.” Gunaz complained to her employer about the incident and was told not to worry about any possible future problems with the man. The following afternoon, Tariq returned clutching a bottle of acid in his hand. He threw the acid on Gulnaz’s breast and ran away. She was badly burned in the attack, lost sight in her right eye and is in need of a cornea transplant.

Muslims in the 83 % Muslim country of Bangladesh aspire to establish a true "Islamic Republic" much like Afghanistan under the Taliban. Meanwhile, [according to The Nation magazine] members of minority religions have suffered from ghastly violence, including collective terror. Some Buddhists and Christians were blinded, had fingers cut off or had hands amputated, while others had iron rods nailed through their legs or abdomen. Women and children have been gang-raped, often in front of their fathers or husbands. In addition, hundreds of temples were desecrated and statues destroyed; thousands of homes and businesses looted or burned. As for Hindus, the human rights organization Freedom House reports they have been subject to "rape, torture and killing and the destruction of their cultural and religious identity at the hands of Muslims." In one indicative step, Islamists sometimes force Hindu women to dress in the Islamist fashion.


Can you name one non-Muslim country that hasn't a large population from its bordering Muslim country?

Can you name one Muslim country that hasn't had wars with its bordering non-Muslim country?



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