Islam is peace or disease? We have the evidence!!!


Christians are not Christians if they kill (Jesus forbade murder, Matthew 26-52) Muslims are Muslims if they kill (Muhammad approved murder, Surah 8-65). Check out
verse 8.12 in the Koran: "When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them". !!! Having said that, Check out How Muslims Treat Prisoners of War! Please note: This is just one of the less worst examples of what Muslims do to non-Muslims!
Can't believe this: What about Beheading of Sikh Soldiers by Muslim (Mogul) Armies (was a common practice)?
Do you think that WAS ONLY HISTORY?
Let's take a look at what is happening in Indonesia these days between Muslims and non-Muslims!!!



Two articles in the L.A. Times wrote about Muslims in Indonesia forcing Christians of all denominations to convert to Islam or get their throats slit or get their head chopped off - like shown on the picture left. Thousands upon thousands of Christians were first converted and, according to rigid Islamic religious dictate, forced to undergo sexual mutilation of their foreskin or clitoris (with kitchen knives and razor blades) to make them conform to Muslim standards. Then they were are enslaved to their local Muslim chieftain. This was not some aberration of Islam but rather business as usual for all but the so-called "moderate" factions. This is Islam's sad legacy of murder, terror, lies and brainwashing to advance their cause of global conversion and subjugation... their so-called "personal struggle"... THEIR "Jihad!". Indonesia's former island East Timor, a former Portugese colony, had to endure the same terror and now it's a independent Islamic country. Indonesia is composed of seventeen thousand islands that stretch over five thousand miles along the equator. Most are Muslims but there are substantial Christian, Hindu and Buddhist minorities. One of Indonesias's islands is Bali. Most of Baliís 3 million inhabitants are Hindu and hundreds of Hindu temples are part of its scenic beauty. Unlike other parts of Indonesia, Bali has maintained a relaxed, tolerant lifestyle, immune from the strife wracking the country in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of annual vacationers flock to Bali's luxury resorts and black beaches. They may no longer! On October 12, 2002 deadly explosions ripped through two popular nightclubs in the Kuta Beach area on Bali island, Indonesia, a destination popular with international tourists. The death toll from the bombings -- most recently confirmed at 187 -- is expected to rise as authorities believe there are still more than 200 people unaccounted for. Many of them are Australian holidaymakers. The scent of C4 explosives (similar to that used to blow up Israelis!) was everywhere which leads one to conclude that Muslim/Islamic terrorists had a hand in this... specifically, the Jemaah Islamiah group. Indonesia has to much to talk about, check out the news for daily Islam crap!

Bush: "Islam is a tolerant religion of peace"!!!

Bush: "Islam is a tolerant religion of peace"!!!

This is what Western European Countries Support! ISLAM!!!

Bush: "Islam is a tolerant religion of peace"!!!

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