Islam is peace or disease? We have the evidence!!!

Let's see another verse in the Koran, verse 5.33: "he punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement" Check out the picture!

Onto Uighur Muslim separatist terrorists are active in Western China's Xinjiang Province. The Philippines is nearly 95% Catholic/Christian yet the Muslim rebel group called Abu Sayyaf (“Bearer of the Sword") have aligned with Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda and want their own independent Islamic Nation. Kidnapping for ransom is so common here that the Philippines has often been described as the kidnapping capital of the world! War rages between Indonesian Muslims and the Christians in East Timor. Malaysia is a time-bomb ready to explode between Muslims and the minority Chinese and Indian populations.

Colonel Khaddafy and his Libyan army have carried out numerous military excursions into neighboring Chad. Even Egypt's Christian Coptic community (less than 10% of the population) walks a fine line between tolerance and oppression.

Algeria is wracked by bitter fighting between Islamic Fundamentalists and the military. Death toll, 100,000 over a ten year period! Nigeria is in the midst of a civil war of Moslems against Christians. It doesn't take much to trigger an angry mob of Muslims. The Miss Universe Pageant was help there at the end of 2002. Muslim opposition to the pageant boiled over after a local journalist wrote that the prophet Mohammed would have approved of the contest and might even have wanted to marry one of the contestants. The ensuing riots in Kaduna left 220 dead and 400 wounded. In Kenya the Islamic Party has declared Holy War on the government. In Turkey the secular Muslim government is being challenged by the militant Refah Islamic Party. A civil war rages in the Sudan between Muslims in the north against the Christians in the south. Sudan's militant Muslim regime is slaughtering Christians who refuse to convert to Islam. In recent years, more than two million Sudanese have been killed out of a population of 35 million as its government used bombings and famine in its war on its own people. A war also rages between Muslim Eritrea and Christian Ethiopia. The result of fighting between Muslim Azerbaijans and Christian Armenians was 35,000 casualties. Armenia was shrunk because of territory "gained" by the "breeding-with-a- vengeance" Muslims population. Moslems are perpetrating the same "religious cleansing" in Serbia. They have looted Christian treasures in the process of destroying 107 churches and monasteries, both ancient and modern. In the former Soviet Union, breakaway Muslim republics (and their 55 million Muslims)... Chechnya (click HERE), Daghestan (click HERE), Turkmenistan, Bashkortostan, Ingush, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan... have sparked insurrection against Orthodox Russian regimes and by the year 2050, Russia will be forced out of Central Asia by Islamic invaders from without AND within (Muslims have a birth rate 5 times that of non-Muslim Russians). The Great Russian Bear will be driven into permanent hibernation! Ten thousand Lebanese Christians were massacred in 1860s, while over 100,000 were killed in the Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990. Thousands of women were raped. That war was provoked by Yasser Arafat's PLO. Damour was once a thriving Christian Lebanese village until 500 (primarily young boys) were massacred and its population was expelled. This sort of violence and intolerance symbolizes treatment of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East. And, instead of an international arrest warrant, Arafat received a Nobel Peace Prize!

History has proven it and if you read it from above, then you have just got a little taste of the history! by looking at the current situation, nothing less can be expected than World War III since the West is occupied by Muslims. Don't expect Islam to weaken, Islam has survived for about 14 centuries and it only got stronger and stronger. Muslims breed 5 to 22 times faster than nonMuslims. If two Muslims would surive a war, in 18 years time, there will be 18 new Muslim children! and since incest is normal with Muslims, these 18 new Muslim children will multiply with themselves! and guess where that will lead! If you can't believe that incest is normally with Muslims, take a look at Saddam Hussein, he married his cousin!

The Muslim World made connections with their fellow anti-Jewish partners known as the Nazis from Germany as early as 1930. When Germany lost in World War 2, Saudi-Arabia began their own preparations for war (Holy War) but not a regime, this is not needed when Islam is in control. Arabia began to use their money they got from oil, to Check 

out the eyes of Chirac! It looks like they have shared somethine other than just 

a bench!!!finance Muslim countries (like Morocco, Algeria, Pakistan and etc) to settle Muslims in Europe, USA Canada and as much elsewhere as possibly but preferable in the west. The Koran orders Muslims to conquer the land of the nonMuslims as the matter of fact. Turkey joined Arabia and millions of Turks flew to Germany, Netherands, Belgium and other places in the west since the 1970s. In fact, Iraq, the second largest oil provider of the world, began just like Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and etc, to buy nuclear weapons from countries like China, Russia (former Soviet Unie), Germany and France. Check out the picture left, it shows Saddam Hussein and French President Jacques Chirac together. This alone proofs their friendship which they have had since present.
Let's take a look as the Iraqi army does a "French pose" to show how they feel about France! (picture left) Isn't this cute?
While the French make a circus out of their country,  Click here to hear a voice from France! to hear the REAL terror! Now you now why France has been so determine to prevent America from going to war with Iraq!!! Not just France! Germany and Russia have also been determine to prevent the "America VS Iraq war"! Imagine if America or Britain would find the nuclear weapons in Iraq. The US/UK would automatically find out from where the weapons came! Russia and France have even been threaten to use their veto right (Germany doesn't have that right) against any resolution that made war against Iraq possible. Thousends of anti-Iraq war demonstrators went to the streets only after France, Germany, Belgium, Russia and China expressed their strong anti-Iraq war feelings in the world. But, let's make this clear, why did thousands of people demonstrate against the USA to not attack Iraq? Most of the demonstrators were Muslim, pro-Muslim or just non-Muslims who have no idea of how Islam really is. Take a look at the USA, thousands of demonstrators accorss the country (especially New York, the immigration city) went to the streets to demonstrate against Gulf War 2. There are 246 million people living in the USA and more than 8 million of them are Muslims. So, even thousands of demonstrators don't are not even 1% of the USA population!!!
It would take 2,46 million people to make 1% of the total USA population rate! Now it becomes clear who has really organized the demonstrations! Great-Britain (UK) has a population of 58 million people, only thousands of people demonstrated and thus, the demonstrations against the war in Iraq make no sense at all. In fact, most of us at the Facts About Muslim staff don't agree with the war on Iraq! The USA should attack Saudi-Arabia instead!

Anyhow, NATO announced World War 3 after the September 11th but Bush, who also said that Islam is a religion of peace, turned the war declaration into the "war on terrorism". He included three countries on the list for war because they have nuclear weapons. The three countries were Iraq, Iran and North-Korea. North-Korea is of course just a decoy for the world not to blame Muslims since the world was on the edge of discovering the Islam threat after September 11th until Bush kept on saying in public how peacful Islam is. South-Korea sells nuclear weapons to Muslim countries and if that made the country to be on the list for war, then France, Germany, Russia and China should also be on the list! North-Korea hates the USA because the USA has never financially aided North-Korea. The USA aided South-Korea instead, ever since the break up of Korea. But North-Korea isn't any threat to the USA as long as USA helps them financially. North-Korea said it themselves, "if you want us to stop creating nuclear weapons, help us financially and we will stop our nuclear program immediately ". Saudi-Arabia should be on the list instead of North-Korea but Saudi-Arabia is the "Muslims' Holy Land" and the biggest oil provider on Earth and not to forget, a so-called ally of the USA. Saudi-Arabia has already stopped their oil export to the USA in the 1970s and this caused huge financial problems for the USA. Saudi-Arabia and Iran have been preparing for Jihad against the world since the 1970s. Now, Saudi-Arabia and Iran have the second most nuclear weapons of the world after the USA. Saudi-Arabia and Iran, together with other Muslims countries (like Iraq), have supported ALL Muslim terrorist organizations ever existed. Sooner or later, tensions between the Muslim World and the rest will be impelled forward to a point where World War 3 will be the only answer for the world to save itself from Islam. Saudi-Arabia has been waiting for that moment ever since the end of World War 2. War in Afghanistan, Iraq and what's next? Syria? Iran? why not a non-Muslim country? Where will the USA and UK try next to hopelessly make freedom? While the UN itself is part Islamic since it has Muslim countries as members! That makes them unable to prevent World War 3!

However, speaking of Great-Britain (UK), take a look at this picture. It's taken in Finsbury Park Mosque in North London, a base for Islamic extremism. Great-Britain has seen a ten-fold increase in the number of British Muslims and Muslim immigrants in the past 40 years to the degree that 2 million of its 58 million population now follow Islam (nearly one-half million in London alone!). This Islamic invasion is obviated by the sight of over one thousand mosques littering the British landscape. Even London itself has become a main launching pad for much of the pro-Islamic, pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian Internet propaganda! Over the past 20 years, say experts, Britain has become a headquarters for extremist Muslim clerics and a fertile recruitment ground for new followers. Muslims in Britain have made it clear that they have no intention of assimilating. Dr. Zaki Badwari, former Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre of London wrote, "A proselytizing religion [like Islam] cannot stand still. Islam endeavors to expand in Britain. It aims at bringing its message to all corners of the earth. It hopes that one day the whole of humanity will be one Muslim community, the Umma." And in late May 2001 the Brits were treated to their very own Muslim-Pakistani rioting! There is something deservedly humorous that this should happen to the pro-Muslim Brits who waste no time dumping on Israel! God Save the Queen! For more on Radical Islam In the U.K. click HERE. For an idea of how the Muslim influence is saturating British society and political influence, click HERE. To see a partial list of Islamic Groups infesting England click HERE. Click HERE for more on how Muslims are transforming British society!

Two of Europe's most "legally tolerant regions" (nobody of course mentions their anti-Yugoslavian, anti-Chinese and anti-Japanese discriminations)...namely, the (the Netherlands, aka Holland) Dutch-language areas around Europe's most important west coast harbors, Antwerp [Belgium] and Rotterdam [Netherlands]... as the main breeding ground for Muslim-fundamentalist terrorist groups. Osama bin Laden 's organization even runs shipping companies as fronts from Amsterdam. In fact, if there is a country whose tactics has always been "ignoring" and being "pro-Muslim," it's the Netherlands (and maybe Belgium). Muslims (basically from Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Pakistan and etc) torture daily non-Muslims, yet this is normal in the Netherlands since the Dutch view at a religious act! Muslims have been placing bombs all over the Netherlands for five years (in places such as IKEA, McDonalds, KPN and etc) without figuring out how to blow it. When December 5th 2002 (the Muslim Ramadan feast) came, reports about bombs made the news in the Netherlands explode with the coverage with pro-Muslim sentiments, like usual. Even the Dutch prime-minister went to live television to announce that is was not a Muslim act!!! The country has about 20 million people living in it and 8 to 12 million of them are Muslims and there are about 455 mosques and there is an Islamic terrorist organization in the Netherlands the Dutch call a Political Party!. The name of that terrorist organization is called AEL ("Arabic European Liga") and it does nothing else than dictating anti-Israel, anti-America and anti-Western values upon the Netherlands and Belgium. Even worse, they want to rule the Netherlands! EVEN MUCH WORSE, THE NETHERLANDS HAS BEEN PROMOTING MUSLIMS IN COMMERCIALS AFTER A MUSLIM KILLED AN OLD WOMAN!!! Some Dutch citizens got suspicious (for the first time in their pathetic history; if can call that a history!). The campaign was called "Hoe leuk zijn Marokkanen?" and "Hoe leuk zijn Moslims?" (translation: "How fun are Muslims?")!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Want proof? Click here (to go the site of the company who organized it! sorry, it's in Dutch. Do you think that the Dutch would translated it English to let the world about it!? Netherlands has a history of promoting Muslims, unlike any other country in Europe. Only Germany and Belgium comes close, but no country can be compared to the Netherlands when it comes to being pro-Muslim and pro-Islam. There are no Islamic terrorist in the Netherlands who haven't been let free by the Dutch courts. Because of its total lack of anti-terrorism laws and its very high level of religious, cultural and judicial tolerance, Muslim-fundamentalist terrorist groups are allowed to thrive. Even though the Netherlands has a "international tribunal"  All Muslim are free do whatever they want. Whether it is killing, raping, slaughtering or whatever, the Netherlands has a special law for Muslims to let them free: "It's a must according to their religion!". The country will be 99% Muslim in the year 2044!

Something rotten in Denmark? How about almost a million Muslim immigrants trying to dictate their anti-Israel, anti-America and anti-Western values upon 5 million Danes? The Muslims consume upwards of 40 percent of welfare spending. They also make up a majority of the country's convicted rapists... with almost all victims non-Muslim Danes! Demographers have predicted that in just 40 years, one out of every three Danes will be Muslim. At this point, we're sure the Danes wish it were their Jewish population which was growing faster than rabbits on a hot tin roof. Jews are almost always model citizens! But the Danish Jews only number 6,000.

France is faring no better. In 1945, there were 100,000 Muslims in France. A fifty fold increase since then now has them numbering 5 million out of a total population of 60 million! One-fifth of all births in France are Muslims! Mohammed is one of the most common names next to Pierre! And Paris has the largest Arab community outside of the Middle East! This is a result of a lenient immigration policy, high Muslim birthrate and conversions. A very high proportion of French Muslims are in the underclass, that segment of the population that relies not so much on education and work as on welfare and predatory activities. In fact, over one thousand Muslim neighborhoods are under monitoring throughout France. Seven hundred of those Muslim neighborhoods are listed as "violent" and nearly 400 hundred are listed as "very violent." Violence ranges from theft and looting of cars (58 percent of all offenses) and street fighting to assault on teachers and civil servants. Periodic outbursts of large-scale unrest or rioting sometimes occur. And, most distressing, are the high numbers of assaults or rebellions against the police. As does England, one thousand mosques are said to operate in France. Oh, mon dieu, what is a Frenchman to do! Click HERE for an audio of what Frenchmen (and all other cowardly, appeasing Europeans) should do because "Buddies, you're next!".

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