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Antiloop's DTLH-3000 Memory Layout

0-8	Exception handling
80-88	Exception handling (same as 0-8)
a0-d0	Syscall dispatching
200-4d0     Syscall table
500-90f0    All kernel code (moved from bfc10000-bfc18bf0 by function at 
            bfc00420, SysInitKMem)

      *     - 504-670
            - 674-c8c
            - c90-2720  kernel core (events, tasks, ...)
      *     - 2724-4384 file IO code
            - 4390-6a44 control pad code
            - 6a50-6c5c syscall wrappers (event and file related ones)
            - 6c60-891c IO data
                  6c60-6cf8: function ptr table
                  6dc0-6ecc: text
                  6ee0-71fc: device driver table
                  7200     : device driver count
                  7210-7215: ""
                  7220-7600: control pad data (not sure about end address)
                  7604-85d0: zero
                  85d4-863c: unknown
                  8640     : LastError
                  8644     : unknown
                  8648-8908: file descriptor table
                  890c-891c: zero
      *     - 8920-90e8 code but what??
            - 90f0-9200?? (jumps to 9200 in previous chunk of code, 
                           but this chunk is all nops)
            - the rest is data to ffff

USER CODE: 00010000-001fffff (about 1.9 meg)

1f000000-1f00ffff parallel port	(not sure about end address)
1f800000-1f8003ff scratch pad
1f801000-1f802fff hw regs,...	(not sure about end address)

BIOS: bfc00000-bfc7ffff (512 KB)
bfc00000-bfc042fc code
bfc04300-bfc045d0 function ptr table (syscalls?)
bfc04610-bfc0d878 code
bfc0d880-bfc0dc5c syscall wrappers
bfc0dc70-bfc0ffff data
bfc10000-bfc18bf0 see above (500-90f0)
bfc18000-bfc428c4 shell code
bfc428d0-bfc42c0c syscall wrappers (part of shell)
bfc42c10-bfc42e10 sort of function ptr table(ptrs in user code area)
bfc42e30-bfc7ffff text, image and sound data: logo(there's some text 
                  saying: "MEMORY CARD", "please insert Playstation CD-ROM",
                  "Playstation",.. -- i've tried to open it in PaintShop Pro
                  4 as raw image data), startup sound etc. (?)
created: 27th Dec. 1997

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