Corrine Leanne Erstad
DOB : February 17th, 1987                                      Age: 22 years
Height :  3' 2" - 97 cm 
Weight :  40 lbs - 18 kg 
Eyes :Brown                                                              Hair : Brown
Missing since June 1st, 1992 from Inver Grove Heights, MN

Circumstances : Corrine's photo is shown age-progressed to 20 years.
Erstad was last seen at approximately 7:30 PM on June 1, 1992 as she went to play in Skyline Park near her family's residence in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. She was wearing a white sundress imprinted with watermelon designs at the time she was last seen. Erstad's father told authorities that her two brothers walked to the park to bring her back home after she had been gone for approximately five minutes. Erstad was nowhere to be found and has never been heard from again.

A child playing in the park told authorities that he believed he saw Erstad speaking with an unidentified man during the evening. The boy said that he saw a girl matching her description petting the man's dog. It has never been verified that the girl was Erstad.
Authorities viewed Erstad's family's friend Robert Guevara as the main suspect in her disappearance from the onset of their investigation. Guevara often stayed overnight at the family's home at their invitation when he was intoxicated. Witnesses told authorities that Guevara often slept in the same bed as Erstad. Guevara was at her home the day she was reported as a missing child. He was charged with her kidnapping, rape and murder on June 5, 1992, four days after Erstad disappeared.

Authorities discovered a dress identical to the garment Erstad was last seen wearing and a pair of girl's underpants inside Guevara's locker. The items of clothing had been stained with blood and semen. Bloodstains were also discovered on a shower curtain inside Guevara's trailer. DNA testing showed that the fluids could have come from both Erstad and Guevara. Defense witnesses argued at Guevara's trial that his locker and trailer were not secured and that the evidence could have been planted by unknown person(s) in order to frame Guevara for Erstad's disappearance. Minnesota law did not allow full usage of DNA evidence at trials in 1992; the law has since been revised. As a result, Guevara was acquitted of all charges in connection with Erstad's case. He has continued to maintain his innocence throughout the years.

Erstad's case remains unsolved. She has never been located.
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