Farscape Fan Fiction

Welcome to Farscape Fan Fiction. This site is dedicated to fan fiction written about Farscape. While this site is being built I would like to encourage those who have Farscape Fan Fiction to please send me your work. I'm hoping to have a large collection for everyone to enjoy. Please see below for the Rules and Guidelines for sending in Fan Fiction. So while this site is under construction please feel free to look around...

Rules & Guidelines

Fan Fiction must contain one or more of the Farscape characters.

Fan Fiction types may be:

  • Story - Short or long.
  • Novel - Stories with more then one part.
  • Poem - Short or long.
  • Song - Melody may be sent along with words.
  • Screenplay - Transcript format.
  • Episode Transcript - Written transcript from all four seasons.

    Fan Fiction must be rated using:
  • G - For all audiences
  • PG - Mild violence
  • PG13 - Situations, Violence or Language not recommend for anyone under 13
  • R - Adult Situations, Strong Language or Graphic Violence
  • NC17 - Graphic Adult Situations, Extreme Graphic Violence or Sexual Content
  • X - Do I need to explain? Anything that is NOT for those under 18!
    The categories for the fan fiction are:
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Humor
  • Crossover
  • Adult - All material with an R, NC17 or X. - Must have an under 18 warning.

    Episode transcripts must have the orginial writer's name, the episode number, episode title and the name of the person who typed up the transcript.

    Fan Fiction must be a Word or Text Document. HTML format would be great too, but not necessary.

    E-mail all Fan Fiction to leah34f@hotmail.com.

    When sending your Farscape Fan Fiction please list the type, rating, category and a desciption of your work. Some Fan Fiction may have more then one category, please list all that apply. ~Thanks : )


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