to Lover's Paradise...

Let us begin in the name of God , the almighty !

This site is a nest for all those out there, who believe that there is nothing greater than love in this world.

This might not be the best page you have ever come across but once your footsteps are in this nest, you will never want to go away. You will feel a step closer to feelings, passion, dreams, emotions, valentine, sentiments,love, relationships, romance, colors, hatred, death and many more which are nothing but a chemistry of life’s splendid show.

Today, when man has forgotten the meaning of humanity, and money has overpowered relationships, I sincerely hope and pray that my page should add in the efforts to make this world peaceful and worth living. There is a difference between ‘Being Human’ and ‘Human Being’. All of us are human beings but are we, in the purest sense, being human?

As you wander in the Lover’s Paradise, you will get to know me better, which I am sure you would love to..!! You will come across only a few

( the ones I think are the best ) to other sites because I think that one should put in their own contents rather than just directing others to a particular direction where your effort is null. Life has so much to offer, then why shouldn’t one take advantage of it and let the world know you as a person better.

Be prepared to enter…. BON VOYAGE


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