I am peaceful today, cool, calm and collected, as the saying goes. I am Blue, the lovely refreshing blue of a calm ocean. Other people talk about "Feeling blue" and "Blue Monday". But my blue is the sky making friends with the sun amd cotton-puff clouds; it is the color of welcome water in a heat wave.

Red is inside me too. My red is not the usual angry red that everyone talks of; it is a happy red, rising up inside me like great ball of fire, exploding into the air and spurting forth small flames of laughter; the red of a clown’s nose; the red of the symbolic heart storing love and happiness. It is the same red glow I see at sunset, a red that is so very rare, but I have discovered it.

There is Green as well. Not the green of jealousy, but the green I feel and see when I am close to nature. My green grows in me like a young tree. Green is life when you watch winter branches become heavy with green leaves in spring.

Black is supposed to be dull, gloomy – a dead color. My black mood takes hold of me when I feel the need to show I can be sophisticated. It can be shiny, glittering, stunning. Black is not a reminder of storms. Black is the sky at night, sparkling with star, carrying the moon on a silken thread; an evening dress studded with diamonds. My silver is a special color of adventure and excitement; the stars at night; a jet in flight, the sun chasing it, making it shine. It is dangerous, an exciting silver of flashing swords and clashing with sounds of cries!

And, finally, White! I am saving it for my special day; then my white will be clouds; and long dress; a white bouquet; a white cake. My white will be heaven, a honeymoon and love. My white is special. My white will be shared !