Take your time, enjoy and read,
Feel the emotions, escape in memories,
To planets afar, to stars within,
Enjoy the drama of love's mystery….

Each one of us has a hidden place within our selves. A place where we go to get away from this materialistic world. This unique place is where we confront our deepest feelings, our yet to be fulfilled dreams and unspoken fears that we might possess. And when by chance , someone discovers a way into that place which we thought was ours alone, everything just seems different. We allow that person to feel and to share all the uncertainity and all the emotion that we have stored up there during our life span. And when he adds new perspectives to our hidden realm, we develop a strong emotional bond with him. He then seems to quietly settle down in his own corner of our special place , where a bit of him will stay forever. And we call that person a friend.

You are miles away. I have never seen your face but I have heard words from your lips, I do know the sounds of your laughter. I have no clue as to who you are but something about you makes me get closer to you.I do know that u are kind and sweet and truthful. I know these about u even though we have never met.You are not here in body and soul. But a part of you is here , with me. Although we have never met,
I feel a bond between us…
A bond that should have taken years to build,
Yet was built in a month or two…
A bond that lifelong friends should have,
Although most never do…
A bond that I am glad to share with you...

yes with you , My Friend..