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Kim' s Closet

It' s been four years now, since i opened my closet for YOU, so I' ve started redecorating the place a bit. I' m so glad, You could make it. So come on in, if You don' t object against CrossDressing. Check out the links and come back soon !

Kim' s Closet is one of many places for TG/TV/CD and TS oriented. I'm glad you found your way here and hope YOU will bookmark this site (add to favorites), so you can find your way back here more easily. Even though I'd like this place to be an international one, I'd like to ask everybody, those living in the NETHERLANDS in particular, to contribute to this page by leaving their URL or (f)e-mail address either in my guestbook or my mailbox. I am extremely sorry, that I have not been able to answer a lot of mail lately - hopefully thats gonna change - but keep writing as I really DO appreciate your mail ! The LINKS are being updated regularly, so just drop by every now and then to check for new sites or addresses!

The things that keep me alive:

Crossdressing, music, computing, building my first webpage, reading Your mail !...

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You might mail me too, if you' ve got any suggestions, interesting links, or if you' d like me to link your page; also feel free to place a link to my page on your homepage !

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I hope i'm not interfering with anybody' s Copyrights, but should this be the case, please mail me and i' ll remove the item in question!
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